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Time flies fast and before you know it, your newborn will be a toddler, a child, a teenager. Whoa, not so fast! And so despite the multitude of things you need to do as a mum or dad, make sure to set aside some time to capture beloved moments and milestones with your baby.

The easiest way is, of course, through photography. Just have your smartphone ready and snap away as you see your baby laugh for the first time, or record a video as he learns to crawl. Print the photos, make a scrapbook, and you’ll have something to always look back to as your child grows. If you’re feeling creative, you can even schedule a studio photoshoot and go all-out on costumes and props!

Another option is to create a memory box, where you can store little souvenirs such as your baby’s sonogram, socks, literally anything that will remind you of a special moment with your child. Imagine opening the box many years later—because these are tangible items, the nostalgia will be so strong you’ll easily be transported back in time.


But there’s nothing more special than preserving something that’s uniquely from your baby, and we’re talking about hand and feet prints! Pilot Pen (yes, it’s a lot more than the writing instruments) offers Baby Print Ink, a washable and safe ink print kit for babies.

Using it is easy with these four steps:

1. Wipe the baby’s hands or feet with the moist wipe from the package.

2. Gently press the hands or feet onto the special paper for three to five seconds.

3. Slowly lift the hands or feet from the paper, making sure they don’t touch the paper again.

4. Wash the baby’s hands and feet.


Note the date when you took it, then frame it or keep it, however you want. Years later, you can show it to your child and have a great time bonding over stories of when your child was still a baby. What a moment to look forward to!

Pilot Pen’s Baby Print Ink can be purchased at the recommended retail price of S$15 (with GST) and is available at all Tokyu Hands outlets and Redmart.

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