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Activities To Do With The Kids During This Stay-Home Period

Thinking of ways to combat boredom and be more productive while staying indoor with your kids? Fill up your days—and your memory bank—with these activities!

#1 Celebrate arts and crafts day

It’s never too early to take out your art kit and create egg-cellent DIY Easter-themed crafts. Get the entire family busy doing arts and crafts to unleash their creativity. 

#2 Bookworms unite

Let your kids explore with their imagination by picking out and reading their favourite books in your home library. Start them young in appreciating the beauty of reading books.

#3 Bond in the kitchen with your tiny tots

Put your aprons on and get into some baking and cooking with your kids. Bond with them in the kitchen by letting them help out with mixing and tidying things up. Give them a sense of pride by allowing them to roll cookie doughs with their little hands or add sprinkles to their cupcakes.


#4 Sit on a couch and Netflix with them

And when you’re done in the kitchen with your kids, hang out with them in the living room by allowing them to pick their favourite movie or series on TV (check out these Netflix series suitable to watch). Get to know new characters or experience nostalgia as you reminisce with good old characters with the whole family.

#5 Build forts with your kids

Cure the kids’ boredom by using blankets and pillows in building their own forts and fortresses. Let them show their creativity as they put up their own dens. Be a damsel in distress or their knight in shining armour!

#6 Teach them the wonder of board games

While your kids are at home, there’s a tendency that they might be glued to their phones and gadgets most of the time. Treat them to an afternoon of digital detox by teaching them the wonder of board games. Give them a dose of old-fashioned fun and gather everyone at home so that all of you can compete, connect, and have a great time.