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Partying under the moon, munching on sumptuous mooncakes, and getting mesmerised by colourful lanterns—these are just some of the activities that the whole family looks forward to during the Mid-Autumn Festival. But the fun can already start even as you’re preparing for this annual celebration! 

As one of the most important traditions in the Chinese culture, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also an opportunity for you to create your own family tradition beginning with an arts and crafts activity that your kids will surely enjoy. Not sure how to begin? Pick one (or more) from the arts and crafts activities below.

Carve it out

Carving may sound complicated, but with the right tools and ideas, it’s actually a potential hit for the kiddos. Begin by carving lanterns out of pumpkins. This will give you a lunar lantern with a twist. Start with outlining the shape you want. You may carve a leaf, a flower, or even a moon out of the dried pumpkin and add a tea light candle inside for some drama. It’s also a great way to practice for when you create a version for Halloween!

Play with some Playdough mooncakes


Photo credit: Chalk Academy

Who said you can only celebrate with edible mooncakes? For added fun, why don’t you create mooncakes out of playdough? Here you get to practice how to shape mooncakes without ruining actual ingredients. It’s also a great way to indulge your little pastry chefs as they get to train how to knead, mix, or even cut. Some items you’d need to make this happen are playdough, knife or cookie cutters (make sure they’re properly supervised while using these tools), mooncake mould, and some toothpicks.

Paint with tea

Tea is yet another Mid-Autumn Festival staple. Host a tea party for the kids but this time, for an arts and crafts session. Soak your used tea bags in a paint palette and use it to create an outline, paint your canvas, or to simply just have a unique (and messy but fun!) artsy session.

Get messy with potato stamps


Photo credit: The Best Ideas For Kids

If you want to create your own stamps, art prints are a way to go. You’ll only need paints, paintbrushes, paper or cards, and some potatoes to mould the shapes you want. It’s so easy to do too—just outline the mould with a paint onto the potato and stamp it onto any surface.


Light up your own lantern

No Mid-Autumn Festival celebration is complete without lanterns. Wouldn’t it be nice to carry your own when you join any lantern walkabout? The simplest shape you can create is a rectangular lunar lantern, which would most likely take only an hour to make. Or you can opt to create paper lanterns in varying shapes and sizes instead. Some important tools you need are sheets of tissue paper, tea light candle, tape, wire cutters, scissors, masking or double tape, and some wires. Check out some DIY lanterns you can create here.

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