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Attention, Parents: Things To Note Before The Primary One Registration

It’s that time of the year when parents get a little anxious about the next big chapter of their child’s life. It becomes even more worrisome when you are faced with the many primary school choices in Singapore. How do you know which school would fit your child best? Here are some things to consider before you register your child for Primary 1.


Perhaps the easier way to help narrow down your search is by making a list of all the primary schools within 10km of your home. The close proximity would be beneficial for both you and your little one as it not only gives your child more rest time, but it also helps lower transportation fees. Fitting in to a new environment and a new schedule is not easy, so more sleep can help alleviate your child’s anxiety and the stress of transition.


One of the best ways to let your child experience the feeling of inclusion is when a school demonstrates the same mindset through its integrated school culture. Have a look at a list of schools with handicapped-accessible facilities and a diverse cohort. These factors contribute a bit of an insight into how an all-inclusive school can help your child live the value through action.

All-Female/Male Schools

Apart from the co-ed primary schools in Singapore, there is also a fair number of single gender schools to consider. Enrolling your child in an all-girls or all-boys primary school allows your child to grow and learn in an environment that is free from gender stereotypes. This works well for girls as it provides a unique and empowering experience, which would help them to find her voice and excel academically to become future leaders who challenge the stereotype. 

Secondary School Affiliations

It’s not a secret that when registering your child for Primary One, it is always an added bonus to enroll him in a school with an affiliated secondary school—this leads to a higher guarantee of your child’s next education phase. But bear in mind that secondary schools must reserve spots for non-affiliated students as well. So even if your child attends an affiliated primary school, it is not a confirmation of his continued education when he enters Secondary 1.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

As this is a mandatory activity in schools, it would be good to evaluate the available CCAs your child can be involved in. If your child has a particular interest in sports, take a bit of time to browse through the different schools that offer the respective CCA that will further drive your child’s motivation to excel well in school while knowing that he can still develop his interest and talent in the field he enjoys.

School Facilities

Apart from the curriculum, facilities are something to take note of before registration as it could make a big difference in expanding your child’s learning. Things such as having a well-maintained library or a well-ventilated indoor sports hall can act as good enhancements to your child’s overall education. Some schools have also taken to include an eco-garden as part of their facilities and this is integrated into the classroom curriculum so students can engage in hands-on learning.

Mother Tongue Language

Though most primary schools offer the three main languages such as Chinese, Malay, and Tamil, there are still students who fall under the Non-Indian Tamil Languages programme and are often required to travel to another school for their second language lessons. If this is a concern for you, it would be best to take note of which primary schools within your list of choices offer the lessons in-house as part of the In School Parallel Programme.