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Autism-Friendly Spaces In Singapore

For parents of children with autism, there’s plenty to consider when finding a public place suitable for their kid. Ahead, we share inclusive and sensory-friendly spaces and events where children on the spectrum can learn and play to their hearts’ content all year round! 

Playeum Children’s Centre for Creativity

Photo credit: Playeum

Photo credit: Playeum

An inclusive play space for children, Playeum uses open-ended play to cultivate children’s interests – think a bevy of hands-on explorations, engaging installations, interactive workshops and the like. Located at Gillman Barracks, Playeum is divvied into creative zones where both parent and child can bond over art projects or interesting experiments. Plus, Playeum frequently updates its range of exhibitions and workshops so your child will never get bored of this magical space!

Playeum, Block 47 Malan Road, #01-23 Gillman Barracks, Singapore 109444, Tel: (+65) 6262 0750, www.playeum.com

The Enabling Village

Photo credit: The Enabling Village

Photo credit: The Enabling Village

Touted as a community that embraces diversity, The Enabling Village is a sprawling space that combines lifestyle, retail and training for the special needs community. The joint initiative by the Ministry of Social and Family Development and SG Enable is home to autism allies such as The Art Faculty by Pathlight, Kindle Garden Preschool by AWWA and more, and offers a plethora of workshops and activities for your family.

The Enabling Village, 20 Lengkok Bahru Singapore 159053, Tel: 1800 8585 885, enablingvillage.sg

Swish Swimming


Photo credit: Swish Swimming

Allowing kids to develop self-confidence and physical strength, there are many ways children with special needs can benefit from swimming lessons. The good folks at Swish Swimming have plenty of experience working with kids on the spectrum – their weekly programs are adapted to individual students’ needs and work on everything from breathing techniques to water safety skills to swimming strokes.

Swish Swimming, 72 Loewen Road, #01-08 Dempsey Hill, Singapore 248848, Tel: (+65) 9832 2522, www.swishswimming.com


Photo credit: My Preciouz KidzPhoto credit: My Preciouz Kids

Harnessing the power of creative play as a developmental tool for young minds, Kaboodle provides both free play and structured programs that delve into creative crafts, sensory sessions and more. While Kaboodle’s programs weren’t designed specifically for kids on the spectrum, they do welcome differently-abled children and parents to join in!

Kaboodle, 88 East Coast Road, #02-05 Katong Square, Singapore 423371, Tel: (+65) 6347 7020, kaboodle.com.sg

Very Special Choir (VSC) by HEART Enterprise

Photo credit: The HEART Enterprise

Photo credit: The HEART Enterprise

Does your child have an affinity for music and the arts? Perhaps The HEART Enterprise will be the place to nurture their talent. Enter the Very Special Choir, where musically inclined children can showcase their talents through performances on stages that have included the SMU Open House, Experience ASEAN and more. The HEART Enterprise is gearing up for a series of dance classes, hosting, DJ mixing and creative writing classes in the coming months – register your interest via this (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScDBSU7yJe2OMB8cUIKLiuL0v7qhrEzBgJmnO5nwy8Qx4GTTQ/viewform) questionnaire or drop them an email at [email protected]!

The Heart Enterprise, 62 Figaro Street Singapore 458371, www.heartsocialent.com

Singapore Pro Sports Academy

Photo credot: Singapore Pro Sports Academy

Photo credit: Singapore Pro Sports Academy

Established in 2014, Singapore Pro Sports Academy offers up sports classes ranging from soccer to swimming to archery for children with special needs. Plus, each class is handled by experienced instructors who’ll guide your child through, ensuring a safe yet fun time for all!

Singapore Pro Sports Academy, Facebook Page

Extra•Ordinary People

Photo credits: Extra•Ordinary People

Photo credits: Extra•Ordinary People

With performance arts specially designed to cater to children and people with different abilities, Extra•Ordinary People provides experiential opportunities to encourage self-expression through the arts. There are six programmes – Dance, Drama, Handbells, Harmonica, Percussion and Vocal – available, taught by experienced instructors who create a safe space for their differently-abled students.

Extra•Ordinary People, 7500A Beach Road, #01-313/317/318 The Plaza Block A, Singapore 199591, Tel: (+65) 6295 3188, extraordinarypeople.sg