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The Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love…not war. But is your housework getting in the way of your romantic day with your loved one? Whether it is doing the dirty dishes or clearing out rubbish from the smelly bins – housework is one of the mains reasons why couples argue. Helpling, an online cleaning platform, did a survey with its customers to describe their common household fights and based on the most common answers, has provided some easy solutions.

  1. Hanging out laundry
    While it seems odd, the way one hangs up the clothes/laundry can cause many fights. Do you really protect colours better when you dry jeans and shirts inside-out? Some people get easily annoyed if there’s no “curation” in the hanging and things can get really heated when twisted and knotted clothes are still damp after a few days. Having said this, the problem may lie in your relationship rather than on the hanger. TIP: If you really want to avoid these type of fights, think about how the way your partner has hung the clothes actually has any consequences. The both of you can also agree that each person will hang their own clothes.
  2. Leaving the toilet dirty
    Pee stains, unflushed tampons, remnants of unspeakable things, or a completely clogged toilet – it’s easy to empathise with someone who gets annoyed by these. It’s not exactly the biggest turn-on in the world. TIP: Put up a sign for some light bathroom reading. The toilet is a place for law and order, and your partner will have plenty of time to study your 10 bathroom commandments whilst pondering the meaning of life.
  3. Clearing away your loved one’s “rubbish
    Finally, you get round to cleaning up the flat and you come across your spouse’s old and unnecessary possessions. Worn-out, smelly sneakers that you know will never be worn again and the countless magnets bought last holiday. Many respondents claim that the bin is the best but also most dangerous solution to your partner’s “rubbish”. TIP: You can mark unnecessary mess with a colourful warning sticker. For the hoarders, stick it onto their junk and take some photos, so you can prove that you flagged it as rubbish weeks before you threw it away. And for the scatterers? You want to prevent them leaving clutter around to start with, so the warning needs to be stronger. Try: “Last warning – next time it’s straight to the bin.
  4. Forgetting to make the bed
    Making the bed is a very particular issue: some people don’t mind at all, while others care greatly about it. It gets worse if one partner feels that the other brings dirt and germs into the bed, such as sand or food crumbs. Fighting over this may damage more than a peaceful night’s sleep…after all, sleeping is not the only thing you do in bed. TIP: You don’t have to think of making the bed as work, instead, change your perspective towards it and make it a ritual for your peaceful and loving space. Make the bed, spray some essential oils on the sheets, and make going back to bed such a pleasant experience that you both will relish in.

What are some other household chores that irk you or your partner? Share it with us below!