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It is common knowledge that having a baby is expensive, especially in Singapore. Beyond the cost of pregnancy essentials (pre-natal care, hospital bills, etc.), chances are you’ll still end up spending a small fortune on baby gear and other ‘necessities’. Whether you’ve already given birth or have a baby on the way (congratulations to all!), we wade through the purchases that parents most regret – save up ‘dem dollars for junior’s education instead!

Diaper disposal systems

Sealing away dirty nappies, locking germs and odours – diaper bins may seem nice to but its cons outweighs the pros, especially with expensive cartridge refills and an inevitable stench that latches on after prolonged use. To reduce the stench that may waft your way with normal trash cans, wrap each soiled diaper securely in a plastic bag (flush any solids if possible), and consistently empty your bin.

Newborn shoes

We have a personal weakness for baby shoes (they’re so cute!), but they’re totally unnecessary at best. Not only are babies unable to walk, they don’t need to have their feet restricted by anything other than snug socks.


The idea of indulging your kids with tons of toys may be appealing, but it’s really quite pointless. In fact, researchers have found that children with fewer toys have more ‘imagination, and skill development’, are less distracted, and have a better quality of playtime. Who would’ve thought that living with less actually meant getting more in return?

Baby clothes (that go over your newborn’s head)

This rule applies to newborns and infants alike. There’s no need to buy cute baby T-shirts and other clothes that are supposed to go over your newborn’s head because a) it a practically impossible task and b) easily outgrown. Plus, your newborn’s neck is not yet fully formed, so tugging that cute onesie over his or her head will seem like a highly perilous task.

Baby toiletries

Truth be told, little more is needed than water to keep baby clean, especially since they aren’t running or rolling around in dirt (like the older kids tend to do). In fact, many baby toiletries contain a lot of chemicals that can cause skin problems or worse, even delicate unscented soaps may lead to skin irritation. Keep the shampoos, moisturisers and other products for when they’re older.

Baby pillows and crib bedding sets

Many first-time parents may make the mistake of filling their baby’s bed with ‘comfy’ items and lining the crib with a bumper and expensive bedding. Not only are bumpers and pillows huge choking and suffocation hazards, child experts recommend keeping the crib completely free of soft objects, and for parents to use a firm sleep surface.

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