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Now that we’re getting closer to the start of a new school term, it’s time to really sit down to get both you and your child organised. Here’s a final run-through of the things to keep in mind to prepare for your child’s first day back in school.

#1 Supplies

Textbooks and Workbooks. By now, you should have already gotten all the compulsory textbooks, workbooks, and guides your child would require for their new set of classes next year. If you were unable to acquire the full set of school books due to stock shortages, make sure to check if the book is available in external bookstores like Popular. Alternatively, check with the school bookshop on when the books will be restocked. Wrap and label your child’s school books if necessary.

Stationery. On top of making sure your child has usable pens and pencils, ensure that electronic devices like e-dictionaries and calculators are working fine and with batteries. As your child moves up the education ladder, they may require extra tools such as a Mathematical Instruments Set (containing compasses, protractors, etc.) for their math classes. Thus, ensure that not only is your child well-equipped with basic stationery items, they should also have all the supporting tools and devices for the new classes ahead.

Essentials. Make sure your child has a working school bag with functional zippers, compartments, and straps that adjust well to their height. A water bottle is essential and if you’re packing meals for your child, ensure you have a lunch box prepared. If your child is taking public transport to school, check if their EZ-Link card is sufficiently topped up or is subscribed to a concession plan.

#2 Grooming

It’s important to see if your child still fits well into their existing set of school uniforms, Physical Education outfits, and school shoes. Ensure that the relevant name tags, school badges, or ties are still intact. If your child’s school has a designated pair of socks, it’s always good to stock up with spare pairs. And if you think it’s about time to teach your child how to tie shoelaces, perhaps you could switch out the velcro straps for a pair of laced school shoes.

Bring your child for a haircut before school starts if necessary, and ensure their nails are short and well-kempt.

#3 Routine 

Be well aware of your child’s school schedule. What time will they start and end school? When are the days that they’re involved in Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs)? This can help you keep track of your child’s whereabouts and safety throughout the term. Ensure transport arrangements are settled—if your child is taking the public transport, are they familiar with the route by now?

Lastly, keep track of your child’s holiday assignments and make sure they’re all completed before school starts. If there are forms and slips that need to be acknowledged, be sure to sign them.

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