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As you carry your little one for nine months, your body will undergo certain changes and it may affect some of your habits—including the ones that keep you looking beautiful. What worked for you before may not necessarily work for you now with all the hormonal changes you’re going through.

If you want to look your best despite the baby bump, here are some beauty dos and don’ts to keep in mind while you’re pregnant.


Do check the ingredients in the products before using them

The general rule is the gentler the ingredients are in the product, the better they are not just for you but for your baby too. Choose more natural beauty products. The trend to go organic has gained more popularity nowadays that it’s easier to do research on what products are safe to use.

Do be cautious when cutting your nails

While cutting your nails may seem harmless altogether, getting cuts and infections pose a greater risk when pregnant. When visiting nail salons, make sure to warn the manicurist to not cut your cuticles or get rid of your calluses to avoid wounds.

Do treat yourself to pre-natal massages

If you love massages then, you will love them even more now. Pregnancy can cause varying degrees of discomfort so it’s a relief to know that pre-natal massage is safe for baby. Not only is it good for easing back pain, it also helps in improving the quality of your sleep and reducing stress. Just make sure to deal with reliable and professional masseuse.

Do opt for highlights instead of colouring your hair, at least for the first trimester.

Dying to dye your hair? Save the makeover after giving birth. Although no study has concluded that hair colours are dangerous for your unborn child, opting for highlights or waiting after the first trimester are your best options if you’re being extra-cautious. Highlights do not sit on your scalp, making it safer. Check with your hairstylist too if the products they are using are ammonia-free.

Do stay hydrated

Drinking lots of fluids does wonders for everyone, especially for pregnant women. It doesn’t just help in avoiding constipation, it also helps in softening your skin, reducing edema, and flushing out toxins in your body. The required amount of water differs per person but a great indicator that you’re hydrated is if your urine is light yellow or clear.


Don’t rely on chemical products

Chemicals can be found in almost all beauty products out there. While some of them provide great effect to the skin, it may not be the case for a pregnant woman. This applies mostly to hair dyes, nail polish, self-tanner, or skincare products with antibiotics. Some essential oils, for example, like tea tree oil can be toxic when ingested and may cause adverse reactions like dermatitis or blistering.

Don’t use retinoids

For women dealing with acne, wrinkles, or stretch marks, retinoid is a must-have but not for mums-to-be. Retinoids are a derivative of Vitamin A. According to a study, excessive intake of Vitamin A can cause serious birth defects in children. To be on the safer side, it is best to avoid retinoids while pregnant, whether it is taken in oral or topical form.

Don’t expose yourself to extreme heat or sunlight

Do not stay under the heat of the sun for a long time to avoid melasma, or dark spots, from appearing on your skin. If you’re on your first trimester, avoid hot baths and therapies as well because though these may be relaxing for you, they may have negative consequences for the baby.

Don’t try many products at once

You may want to know what’s best and most effective for your skin but at this point, it’s safe to try products one at a time to really see their effect. Consult with your doctor first before applying a new product on your skin.

Don’t stay up late

Nobody wants dark circles under their eyes so make sure to catch enough sleep while you can. Sleep is great for rejuvenating your skin and giving yourself that natural, well-rested glow. Getting adequate sleep does wonders for the baby, too.

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