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Caring for your kid(s) might be a 24/7 responsibility, but that doesn’t mean you should skimp out on self-care. For busy mums with plenty on their plate, here are six sheet masks for that quick beauty boost! 

Dr. Jart+ Dermask Intra Jet Firming Solution (set of five pieces), $43

An all-rounder mask that’s suitable for most skin types, this mask is made of a thermo-sensitive gel that uses body heat to activate its active ingredients for deeper skin penetration. Furthermore, it’s formulated with complexion-loving ingredients such as bio-peptide, coenzyme Q10 and beta-glucan to restore the appearance of health skin structure, promote skin elasticity and youthful firmness.

It’s also safe for mamas with sensitive skin, as it’s free from 10 harmful ingredients such as artificial fragrance and colour, parabens, sulfates and more.

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Mamonde Skin Fit Mask in Camellia Anti-Aging (one piece), $6

If cotton sheet masks don’t provide enough hydration for your skin, reach for Mamonde’s Skin Fit Mask series! The bio-cellulose texture of this anti-aging mask ensures your skin feels super comfortable as the concentrate sinks deep into your skin. Plus, its floral active ingredients improve skin’s appearance and protects from signs of ageing.

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For Beloved One Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask (set of three pieces), $63

At $63 a pop, For Beloved One’s Extreme Hydration Bio-Cellulose Mask isn’t all that wallet-friendly. But it’s definitely a Holy Grail-level mask that you’ve gotta treat yourself to every once in awhile.

Made out of a special bio-cellulose material, the mask enhances skin’s absorption of the essence, helping to replenish and lock down moisture to leave soft and supple skin. Even better, these masks have a jelly-like texture that helps it adhere to the face and have it stay put perfectly – great for mums with active toddlers!

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Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask (set of 10 pieces), $15.85

Hyaluronic acid is an important ingredient that affects our skin’s ability to maintain and retain moisture, and its production is reduced as we get older, thus causing skin to become dry, rough and flaky. To give your complexion an instant boost of hydration, and to help keep moisture levels in check, reach for the Dr. Morita Hyaluronic Acid Essence Mask!

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Sulwhasoo Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Creamy Mask (set of five pieces), $148

Another ‘special occasion’ product, this anti-ageing mask is formulated with a powerful cocktail of skin-boosting ingredients such as ginseng root extract and ginseng flower extract to treat dullness, dryness and improve firmness.

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Skin Inc Facial In-A-Flash Multi-masking Bento Set (set of three pieces), $48

Especially handy for mums with combination complexions, such as dry yet acne-prone skin, or dull yet oily skin, these hydrogel masks come in top and bottom halves so you can customise your masks as needed. PS: to make the most out of your masks, you can apply them to your décolletage after 10 to 20 minutes of facial application.

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