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Our homegrown local blogger Ang Chiew Ting who is more affectionately known as Bong Qiu Qiu has been in the public eye since her pretty steady rise to fame since 2010, especially with much attention on the multiple plastic surgeries she has undergone. In March 2015, she gave birth to her firstborn, Meredith who is an absolute darling! Here’s a fun fact – Meredith has her own Instagram account (@meregoround) with a following of 55.1K! Singapore’s Child had the privilege of interviewing the blogger and here’s what she had to say about her motherhood journey. On pregnancy cravings “My husband was the only one who had to suffer from my cravings! And he in every bit encouraged it because he wants to keep me happy. Josh didn’t say ‘No!’ to my cravings UNTIL my gynaecologist said that the baby was growing a little too big for me to have a natural delivery (smoothly). I was super into durians during my pregnancy. Now you all know how I gained that 35kg.” On her new mummy status “I am very lucky that after the first two months, Meredith became a SUPER cooperative baby somehow, on her own. She sleeps through the night; from 11pm all the way till 8-9am. So after that, I was like a fish in water. Plus, I got a helper so I didn’t have to worry about household chores anymore and I can focus on spending time with the baby. But I’d say my biggest challenge is social life and work-life balance. Even now that Meredith is almost nine months old, I still haven’t got it figured out. How much time can I spend with my friends or for myself without feeling guilty? I reduced my workload and with that, my income also decreased tremendously. Which means I got to now control what cute stuff I can buy for Meredith. But i guess you can’t win it all… Can you?”



On family love “My sister helped me a lot as she’s a mother of four. She gave me loads of helpful advice on how to handle my newborn, and assured me that there are some things that are part and parcel of development, and I don’t have to over-worry and over-Google.  One thing new mothers do though, really, is over-googling and stressing ourselves out unnecessarily. If I Google “Why does my baby keep crying” and read ten articles about it, instead of just a simple “Be patient, some new-borns are like that” – I would get the idea that my baby is in serious condition and I need to bring her to the doctor. Say what?!” On parenting fears “Of course! Gosh! Every day I fear different things. Am I doing this right, am I feeding her right, am I cooking healthy for her, am I building her character right? There’s so many things to doubt myself for!!! It’s almost like being a parent there’s nothing you can do absolutely right. You always have to take a leap with essential research done and then do it in good faith. My biggest fear though, is Meredith falling sick. *touch wood!* She has not fall sick since birth but I don’t want to jinx it!” Want to know more about Qiu Qiu’s parenting journey so far? Check out Singapore’s Child February 2016 issue!