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Build A Legacy of Inspiration with Elaine Seah

We speak with Elaine Seah, Founder of Brand Inc., a Public Relations company which was founded with just a laptop but loads of passion for Public Relations, and a spirit for fun and adventure! She continues to inspire many young working women not to give up their passions and dreams even when motherhood comes knocking on the door! Learn how she open one door of opportunity to another for herself, to leave behind a legacy that her daughter would be proud of. 

  1.  Why did you start Brand Incorporated?
    At the age of 27, I discovered my appetite for risks and these were not satisfied by my routine role as a Communications Manager. Starting my own business is almost innate, observing how my family of entrepreneurs fight for livelihood, passion and craft.  A fortuitous turn of events has helped me kick start Brand Inc. What started as a freelance copywriting and communications opportunity for a local orchid farm turned my passion and spirit into a business and a long term career. 
  2.  How do you juggle parenting and work?
    The best investment is time. Weekends are dedicated to my child, Islay. Work day starts with sending Islay to school, and ends with picking her up from school. On heavy work days, work continues after having dinner with Islay. On top of that, Islay is very involved in my work such as events at Whisky Live and Pink Ribbon Walk, dining experience at La Braceria and site visit at Far East Hospitality hotels.
  3. What keeps you motivated?
    Running a PR agency is no mean feat. However, it offers much comfort and inspiration for me to invest in my career and care for my family at the same time. I am very confident that it is possible, but only time will tell.
  4. Your work requires frequent travels between Malaysia and Singapore, how do you schedule your travel commitments?Time is limited. I only fully understand the meaning of efficiency after I become a parent myself. I try to keep work in Malaysia as short and productive as possible. 
  5.  How is your typical day like?
    When I am in Singapore, my day starts with simple stretches while my helper prepares Islay for school. I will pick Islay up when her school ends. On heavy work days, work starts again after dinner with Islay. Today, mothers are able to seek external help as responsibilities for a woman pile up. I am fortunate to be able to balance between work and family life with a capable domestic helper, understanding husband and cohesive work team.
We hope you’ve been inspired by Elaine’s story on juggling motherhood and career the right way. What are your tips on juggling mummy duties and office work? Leave us a comment down below.