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It’s almost Chinese New Year but work just keeps piling up. You’re worried you won’t be able to prepare enough for your family celebration. As much as Chinese New Year is a valued cultural tradition, it doesn’t have to stress you so much.

Panic no more as here are some last minute preparation tips for every busy parent out there.

#1 Have your outfit delivered right at your doorstep

Still don’t have an outfit to ring in the new year? Remember to wear clothes in vibrant colours like red, gold, yellow, or orange. Check out online clothing stores that can deliver to your home or office. You can also do this for other members of the family and make it an OOTD thing. The key is to know their sizes and voila! You have an outfit without leaving your home or rushing to the mall.

#2 Just do a clean sweep

Every time a year begins, spring cleaning becomes a necessity. There’s nothing like starting the year with a clean slate, right? But if your time won’t allow a thorough tidying, just make sure to get rid of the dust, do a clean sweep, and remove some clutter before your guests arrive. It’s also customary for Chinese families to sweep the floor before the Lunar New Year as it is believed to help rid of bad luck from the previous year.

#3 Hire someone’s help

If you really want to make your house look flawless when you receive guests for Chinese New Year but don’t have any time to do even a quick sweep of the floor, a great option is to get help from outside. Visit Cleaning Service or Helpling for services you can avail of.

#4 Don’t forget the ang baos

In case you won’t be able to do some serious gift shopping for the kids anymore, ang baos will save you—just make sure to have these red packets where you can place money as gifts. It’s a sure win and you won’t have to be stuck about what presents to get.

#5 Book a restaurant for dining out

If you don’t have time to think of your menu, shop for ingredients, and cook for the entire family, dining out is perfectly fine for your reunion dinner. A lot of restaurants and hotels are offering dining promotions, most of them curated especially for the occasion. This will not only save you lots of time but will also allow the family to taste and discover new dishes.

#6 Spruce up your house with flowers

Don’t have the time—or energy—to create paper decorations or even hang red lanterns? You can always add vibrance to your home with flowers and plants. Look for online flower delivery services that will bring these colourful faunas into your home for a more festive mood. Consider placing them at the entrance or using them as table centerpieces.

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