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Check Out The Only Multi-Functional Baby Feeding System You’ll Need

Hegen responds to every need of a nursing mum. Individually, its products are designed to address a certain part of breastfeeding—express, store, or feed—but when taken together, these products can seamlessly flow from one process to the next, forming up a simple system that’s easy to manage, easy to carry, and safe all throughout. 

Let’s get to know its flagship products.


Manual and Electric Breast Pump

The electric breast pump is the latest groundbreaking product in the Hegen ecosystem. It can be turned to a massager (by simply attaching a kneading ring) to soothe tense areas due to breastfeeding. Fact: this makes it the world’s first relaxation pump! This feature can energise mums to go about their daily routines with greater ease. 

Opting for the electric breast pump is hitting two birds with one stone, as it can be converted into a manual pump by changing the diaphragms and attaching the manual pump’s handle. It’s compact, quiet, and contains minimal parts so you can even use it with one hand. All these so you can express breast milk without hassle if you find yourself needing it outside of home

PCTO™ Storage and Feeding Bottles

Hegen’s Polyphenylsulfone (PPSU) with proprietary PCTO™ (Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open) bottles promote the most efficient use of breastmilk—no wastage. A single bottle can be used when you express, store, and feed. This is achieved by swapping between the bottle’s breast pump, storage lid, and feeding head. It’s less messy, too! 

The bottles have been designed to complement the baby’s capacity. Its square shape applies ergonomics principles, so that it becomes a breeze for the little tots to hold on to a bottle and keep it from rolling away. With a snap-on interconnecting feature, the bottles can be quickly stacked and stored in the freezer or mum’s bag. With wide bottle opening and smooth interiors, cleaning can be done more thoroughly. 

Moving on to teats, you can choose between slow, medium, fast, and thick feed to perfectly suit baby’s needs. You’ll notice that the teats resemble that of mum’s for a more natural latch-on and an effortless switch between breast and bottle feeding. Additionally, the teat is off-centered, so babies can be fed in an upright position and reduce the risk of milk backflow. Lastly, it features an anti-colic air venting system to protect baby from tummy upsets and make sure they get all the nutrients.


Product: Hegen PCTO™ Multi-Functional Baby Feeding System, which includes

  • Hegen PCTO™ Electric Breast Pump
  • Hegen PCTO™ Manual Breast Pump
  • Hegen PCTO™ Breast Milk Storage PPSU
  • Hegen PCTO™ Feeding Bottle PPSU

Price: S$27 to S$450 

Available at: www.hegen.com/shop, Thomson Medical Centre Pharmacy, Motherswork (Tanglin Mall, Great World City) Bove by Spring Maternity, TANGS (VivoCity, Tang Plaza), Takashimaya, Metro (Paragon, Causeway Point), Isetan (Serangoon, Scotts, Katong, Jurong East), OG (Albert Complex, People’s Park), Kiddy Palace (Jurong Point, Northpoint), www.amazon.com, www.pupsikstudio.com, www.hegen.world.tmall.com, www.agapebabies.com, www.shopee.sg/hegen.official, www.lazada.sg/shop/hegen, www.chara.com, www.littlebaby.com.sg, www.motherswork.com.sg

Website: www.hegen.com