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Having a child in your home requires extra effort to ensure he or she is safe from household injuries. Although your house seems harmless to you, there may be corners, appliances, or whatnot that can pose a danger while your little one explores your humble abode.

Childproofing your home with these items will not only make your house safer for kids, but will also give you peace of mind.

#1 Safety latches or locks for your cabinets and drawers

Your cabinets and drawers are places where you can store potentially harmful items away from your child. These include detergents, medicines, or any form of spray. Putting a safety latch or lock on the cabinet doors will keep your child from opening them and reaching for products they shouldn’t have access to. 

#2 Door knobs and locks 

Equally important to cabinet locks are door knobs and locks. These will keep your little one from entering rooms where they can meet accidents such as rooms with big furniture or appliances like your kitchen. 

#3 Baby gate for stairs

Sooner or later, your child will begin to be mobile. If your house has stairs, make sure you have a baby gate to keep him from accidentally falling down. You might want to consider installing two baby gates: one at the top of the stairs to keep him from going down and one below to keep him from going up alone. The baby gate will limit his movement and stop him from directly accessing the stairs without a guide.

#4 Electrical outlet cover

Electric outlets are not to be dismissed when it comes to ensuring your child’s safety at home. They’re easily accessible and can even seem like a harmless thing for your little one—until he pokes it with his finger or inserts something inside! Install electrical outlet covers onto the sockets to avoid attracting your child’s attention.

#5 Corner and edge bumpers 

Your house is most likely filled with furniture with pointed corners that can hurt kids especially when they’re moving aimlessly. These include counter tops, tables, and chairs, among others. Corner and edge bumpers protect your child from injuries so choose the ones that stay securely in place and do not fall out with a simple movement.

#6 Medicine box

Kids, especially the younger ones, are still unable to distinguish if an item is safe to ingest or not. Medicines, for example, may seem like candies to them. Keep those capsules and pills away from your child by storing them in their original bottles and placing them inside a box that’s out of children’s reach.

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