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If you’ve just given birth, you’d probably want to take some time off and “confine” yourself to help you recover. Confinement is a postpartum practice where the new mum stays inside the house usually for 30 to 40 days. During this time, extra help is needed and here’s where a confinement nanny comes in. This nanny is trained to nurse newborns and new mums during confinement.

How do you make sure that you’ve got the best confinement nanny for you? Consider the following actions:

#1 Look for confinement nannies from reputable sources

If you do not know a confinement nanny personally, consider getting referrals from friends who have had confinement nannies before and consider if their experience was positive. Otherwise, you can seek help from nanny agencies. Just make sure to do your research first and only deal with reputable agencies. Some nanny agencies you can consider are PEM Confinement Agency, Caregiver Asia, and Confinement NannySOS. Getting the services of nanny agencies come with some advantages such as: 

  • Confinement nannies from nanny agencies undergo appropriate health screening so you’re sure that your confinement nanny is in good health.
  • Nanny agencies also help you with other screening process including security, background check, and even previous work done. 

#2 During interview, ask the right questions

Before signing up, you’ll want to screen and interview some candidates not only to gauge their skills and experience but also to know if you have a rapport with them. This is important as you will be spending most of your break with the confinement nanny and will be entrusting her with your child.

Some questions you must ask during the interview: 

  • How long have you been in this profession? How many families have you served?
  • What are your expectations from this job?
  • What are the things you can do for us?
  • How are you with kids? How do you deal with newborns?
  • What arrangements do you have in mind that we should consider?
  • How is your health?
  • What is your rate?

#3 Be clear with your expectations

Just as you would ask the nanny what her expectations and preferred arrangements are, you must also be clear with yours. This way, both of you can compromise on the scope of the job. You must tell her what food you would want, breastfeeding arrangements, grocery shopping preferences, and even household chores she can carry out. 

#4 Look for necessary skills

Aside from asking the right questions, finding a confinement nanny with the right skills is equally important. Some skills you must look for include skills in:

  • Postnatal care: Ensure that the confinement nanny has an extensive knowledge on postnatal care including her take on breastfeeding and how she would handle a newborn. Postnatal care for mums includes feeding the new mum with the right food to ensure faster recovery.
  • Household skills: During this time, you won’t be able to carry out household chores because your body is still recovering from giving birth. Your confinement nanny must be able to do this for you including grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and cooking. If you have a pet in the house, your confinement nanny should also know how to deal with it, especially with a newborn in the house.
  • Social skills: Your confinement nanny must get along well with you and your family. She should be trustworthy, positive, and have a pleasant presence in the house as she will be spending a lot of time with you and your child. 

#5 Check if your values are aligned

Though she may not be the same with you in everything, she should at least agree with you on some of your basic beliefs. If you believe in breastfeeding, your confinement nanny must believe in it too, so she won’t have to force you to feed your child with formula milk during the confinement period.


By now, a lingering question in your mind would be needed investment for a confinement nanny. According to MoneySmart, costs may range from S$2,100 to S$5,000 per 28 days for a full-time, stay-in nanny. A part-time nanny would be a bit less expensive, with costs from S$1,600 to S$3,200. 

You’ll also need to consider the following in terms of expenses:

  • Angbao worth S$30 to S$200
  • Medical insurance with a coverage of at least S$15,000
  • Temporary work permit amounting to S$30 if you are hiring a Malaysian nanny
  • If your nanny is not Singaporean, you will also need to pay a monthly tax of S$60 (if you’re a Singaporean citizen) or S$265 (if you’re not a Singaporean citizen)

If you’ve decided to hire a confinement nanny, start your search as early as the first trimester so you can already plan all arrangements before the baby comes. 

But if getting a confinement nanny is not something you’d consider, there’s another option to help you with your recovery post-delivery: by choosing to have confinement meals instead. Confinement meals can be delivered to your home for your convenience. It’s also cheaper than hiring a full-time confinement nanny. Some confinement food delivery services you can check out are The Natal Kitchen, Happy Mummy, and NouRiche.

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