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The Best Type of Fabrics for Newborns

If there’s one thing we all look forward to when having a baby, that is dressing them up! Dressing up your baby can be really fun, especially when you’ve got loads of those adorable onesies, rompers and funky tops. With the array of designs, parents are spoilt for choice and now beyond the unbelievably cute wear, the materials are in for a tough fight. Babies have very delicate skin so don’t be fooled by how fabric choice can make a huge difference in your child’s comfort level. Dress your child with these teeny weeny bits of helpful tips.

  • Cotton

    There are loads of fabrics in the market that are made for use in infant apparels. But generally, cotton is the fabric in which is most commonly used as it is soft, absorbent and most importantly, gentle to the baby’s skin. There is an organic option too.  But then again, spandex or cotton blends, are said to provide the ultimate comfort for them.

  • Spandex

    With the constant movement and wiggling of a newborn, it would be ideal if they were wearing something that is stretchable, such as spandex, as the material can move along with your baby’s movements while keeping them all wrapped up. An example would be tights and baby leg warmers made from spandex.

  • Bamboo

    With the difficulty in keeping a consistent and comfortable body temperature, babies can feel uncomfortable in their clothes too. New to the market, bamboo is an all-natural material that has thermal-regulating abilities, which helps the clothes to adjust with your baby’s temperature. Plus, with its hypo-allergenic an anti-bacterial functions, you need not worry about odour, allergies and skin irritations. What’s more, it is the fastest growing amongst the other type of fabrics, even cotton.

  • Layering with Micro Fleece

    Now, you might have considered that it’s too hot but a micro fleece is perfect for travelling and use in air-conditioned places. Clothes made from fleece dry quickly and they are warm and fuzzy too, making it the perfect material for a child’s outerwear and an instant pillow or blanket on-the-go.

Which is your favourite fabric for baby? Comment down below.