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Chrissy Teigen ushered her second child into the world late last week, and she has wasted no time in schooling the world on her post-partum experience. True to her signature no-holds-barred personality, the new-mum-of-two debuted her baby boy, Miles Theodore Stephen on social media a few days back. Chrissy soon followed up with a candid shot of her post-baby body, while rocking giant, high-waisted hospital underwear.


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Along with these precious baby updates, Chrissy shared sneak peeks of what new motherhood looks like the second time around. Never one to shy away from keeping things real, Chrissy plowed past the veil of glamour celebrities all seem to possess – and the insane expectations society has around new mums, showing how perfectly imperfect she looked after pregnancy. True to her signature brand, it’s refreshingly candid and relatable.


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Even better, it seems like nothing is off limits. Undies aside, the model revealed one key reason why her recovery has been slightly easier this time around. Baby Miles is the latest addition to Chrissy and John Legend’s little family. The celebrity power couple have a two-year-old daughter, Luna Simone Stephens.

More recently, Chrissy teased her husband, John Legend for “ditching” their newborn to perform at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. Her subtle but hilarious jab was pointed at fans who criticised the couple for going out to dinner after Luna’s birth.

Most celebrities seem to possess a unique skill that allows them to coast through life effortlessly. This applies to parenthood as well, but while it may seem easy from the outside, we mums know better – celebrity or not, motherhood is definitely no cakewalk. And we’re loving the fact that Chrissy is helping to normalise the less glamorous realities of motherhood with her authentic images and thoughts – stretch marks, mesh underwear, breastfeeding and all.

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