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Today’s world is mostly driven by technological and digital advancements. Most of the world’s successful businesses are tech-driven and the most in-demand jobs require digital skills. Recognising these, the government recently announced that coding classes will be incorporated in the curriculum of upper primary pupils as early as next year.

To fully appreciate this news, you must know what advantages your child will have if he knows how to code. Coding may sound like a totally new and complex language but it sure is worth learning! Get to know some of the reasons why coding is a skill that must be honed at a young age.

Tech jobs are increasing in Singapore and the world

Imagine the edge your child will have if he learns how to code while he’s younger than everyone else. It puts him ahead of the game especially with neighbouring Asian countries. It may seem like a far-fetched idea for you right now but indeed, the need for tech professionals is on a steady rise not only in Singapore but everywhere else in the world.

Your child will have multiple career options 

As parents, we think of our children’s future and every single thing we do for them now is an investment so that they will continue to have a good life as they grow older. If your little one learns how to code now, he will be presented with a variety of career paths and choose where he excels the most—as long as he wants it too, of course. The demand for careers centreing on artificial intelligence, data, and machine learning is going up. Your child can be a data scientist, a cyber security expert, a digital specialist, or a software engineer, among others.

It allows your child to understand the tech advancements around him 

They may be young but most kids nowadays are exposed to a lot of technological advancements. They no longer know the world that didn’t have internet or smartphones. With coding classes, your child will have a better understanding of how technology works—from the way mobile devices work to how social media is being run. Who knows, one day your child might be able to develop the next big thing on tech!

It will make your child smarter and more confident

Knowing how to code will make your child technology-literate. Coding can also help improve the way he processes information, solves problems, and deals with details and sequences. With coding being an important skill, it will also give your little one more confidence whether at school or with his friends.

It is a learning experience and a rewarding hobby at the same time

Coding introduces your child to new ways of thinking and a wider set of career possibilities in the future. More than these, it can be a fun learning experience for him and become a hobby he can turn to even outside of school. If your child learns how to code, he’ll eventually learn how to create apps, video games, and websites among others—activities he will find both fun and rewarding.

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