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With the selection of apps available today, there’s no reason why smartphones should be left out in your parenting and caregiving journey as well. For example, a quick search on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store for ‘pregnancy’ brings up a ton of results that cater to various needs. There are apps for pregnancy tracking, family planning, health advice, baby names, and so many more! What’s great is that most apps are free or offer upgrades and other premium services within the app itself. We sift through the overwhelming number of apps to bring you apps designed for new parents.

For expecting mothers

  • The Bump (free, available on iOS and Android)
    Follow baby’s growth with the daily tracker that shows you how big baby is in terms of fruit sizes. For a more in-depth look, the Inside the Bump feature is a 3D interactive module that allows you to explore and learn about each week of pregnancy. Everyday, the app also delivers fresh content by the editorial team that is relevant to that specific week of your pregnancy. The extensive archive covers tips, medical research and burning questions. One of its most outstanding features, however, is Real Answers. Ask questions and concerns that all newbie mothers go through and receive answers from The Bump editorial staff, team of experts that includes doctors, and other mothers like you.
  • Ovia Pregnancy Tracker (free, available on iOS and Android)
    The personalised log takes in account the uniqueness of your pregnancy and gives personalised feedback according to what has been logged. Track weight gain, symptoms, sleep and moods to find out if you’re progressing well. The food tracker helps to record down caloric intake and allows women to track if they’re taking in the right nutrients. Take note of what medications are safe or unsafe for pregnant mothers and keep up with prenatal vitamin care too. Other essential tools also include a kick counter, contraction timer and look-up directories for symptoms, medications and food. Sync Ovia with your favourite exercise trackers, like FitBit to track workouts and stay fit.
  • Who’s Your Daddy? ($4.48, available on iOS only)
    The app was written by men (with advice from midwives) and provides daily tips, and weekly updates with a touch of dad-humour to ease men into the miracle of life and give them a heads up on what to expect during pregnancy. There’s also a timeline included with key dates that you can add to your own calendar. Under Tools, find helpful features on the dashboard, such as a hospital bag checklist, to-do list, baby names and contraction counter.

For new mothers 

  • Sprout Baby (free for 14 days, $6.98 for full version, available on iOS only)
    The intuitive app opens up to a ‘Baby Today’ page that informs parents on what to expect baby to be doing that day or week, while giving tips on how to engage with baby, and even post-natal care. Then there is the Medical tab that includes nifty trackers to record health, development, growth, doctor visits and immunisations. All the information can even be consolidated to create a doctor’s report that can be easily downloaded as a .pdf file for your doctor. In daily life, keep track of baby’s sleep, feeding, nappy changing and activities, as well as your own pumping schedule under the Tools tab. A great feature for busy parents is the Memories tab that can be used to quickly upload milestones. Memories can even be downloaded as an e-book as a keepsake.
  • Agent Bong (free, available on iOS and Android)
    Many parents work full-time and that means having to leave baby in the care of someone else. While some have familial support or are able to afford domestic help, others may not have that luxury. Leaving children at a childcare centre is an option but these centres require sick children to stay home or may have occasional closures that require parents to take leave to stay home with their child. These issues are easily taken care of with Agent Bong, an app that allows people to post odd jobs and for others to pick up such chores. Babysitting is one of the top requested jobs on the app and babysitters listed are professionally verified and matched with families based on needs. Apart from babysitting, parents can also list jobs like house cleaning to take the workload off them.

Apps that can help you manage your hectic daily schedule

If you’re one of those who make lists to get by this app allows you to create, store and manage your to-do or shopping lists. It also allows you to share them with family, especially when you need an extra hand.

Awesome Note
Awesome Note not only allows you to customise your lists and notes into folders, you can even attach photos, location, URLs and tags, or use the hand drawing feature while crafting your notes or write on the maps.

Happy Kids Timer
If you struggle every morning while rushing around to get kids ready and get to work on time, this app is able to help your children complete their morning routine on their own. It utilizes a smart incentive programme and is operated by your child.

This is an extension of an article found in Singapore’s Child magazine Issue 178, titled “There’s an App for That”, written by Raewyn Koh. 

What apps have you found useful in your daily life? Share them with us below!