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For crafty parents who prefer handmade presents, here are some relatively easy DIY Christmas gift ideas that you can whip up with the kiddos. Have fun! 

Hot chocolate ornaments

What’s Christmas without hot chocolate? This super cute gift is highly customisable and requires minimal assembling. Simply gather the ingredients (you’ll basically only need hot chocolate powder and a mix of candy, chocolate and mini marshmallows) and load them into clear plastic ornaments that you can purchase at local craft stores. All your giftee has to do is pour its contents into their favourite mug, add hot water and enjoy!

Embroidered notebooks

Via Mollie Makes

Embroidered notebooks are sew unique (pun fully intended), and quite simple to make. All you’ve got to do is purchase your supplies – plain card cover notebooks and embroidery thread in various colours – and enlist your child to doodle their designs on the cover. From there, score holes through the cover around the outline of the design, and sew away.

Photo Coasters

Repurpose your friends and family’s Instagram snaps into cute personalised photo coasters. The tutorial above calls for adhesive spray and resin, but mod podge works equally well to stick and glaze the photos.

Pom pom bookmarks

Via Design Mom

Requiring only yarn and scissors, this adorable pom pom bookmark makes a great gift for avid bookworms. Don’t forget to rope the kids in for this project!

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