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Research has found that children who engage in sports exhibit superiority in self-esteem, peer relationships, self-control and more, as compared to those who do not play sports. So what are some ways parents can introduce exercise and sports in a fun and engaging way for their children? We spoke to Juria Maree from Reebok CrossFit Enduro to find out about what your kids can get out of the CrossFit Kids special programme. 

  1. What Is CrossFit Kids: Is It A Different Programme From The Adult Version, And What Are The Benefits?

    CrossFit Kids is a method for teaching Greg Glassman’s CrossFit to children from ages three to 18, so the method is no different from adult CrossFit. CrossFit Kids emphasises good movement throughout childhood and adolescence, and such consistency can improve physical literacy, enhance sports performance, reduce sports injuries and even improve cognitive function, which translates to a positive impact on children’s academic achievements. The programme is scalable for any age or experience level, and accounts for the varied maturity levels one can find in a class full of kids. 

  2. Is CrossFit Suitable For Kids?

    Some parents may be concerned about kids lifting weight – CrossFit Kids does not allow the kids to use barbells or anything heavy during class till they are introduced to the teens class much later. Instead, they will be taught the correct techniques with unweighted PVC pipes so that by the time they reach the teens class, their bodies already “understand” the movement. CrossFit is a safe and effective activity for this age group; and the benefits of such a strength and conditioning programme like CrossFit Kids far outweighs the risks.  

  3. What Is A Good Age To Get Kids Started On Strength And Conditioning Work?

    The programme enrols kids from age six and above, running classes for kids and separate classes for teens.

  4. What Are Some Values Young Athletes Bring With Them Throughout Their Lives?

    They have the aptitude for teamwork. Also, they cultivate a strong work ethic as well as establishing far-reaching lifestyle habits early on in life.

  5. What Are Some Simple Ways Parents Can Introduce Exercise And Healthy Living To Young Kids?

    CrossFit Kids is designed to be minimalist; it is inexpensive and requires little or no equipment while providing the opportunity to be physically fit and active throughout their lives. Families can also spend time outside in nature, exploring all the walking and cycling trails. Lead by example by taking the stairs instead of the elevator; praise the kids for being active, carrying their own school bag and being able to do all the activities at the outdoor activity stations around Singapore. Parents can impact their sphere of influence positively by hosting activity birthday parties for the kids – think trampoline parks, indoor soccer matches and riding tandem bicycles.

Originally published in “Fit Kids”, written by Hairin Rahman, in Singapore’s Child May 2016.