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We all want our bedrooms to be the most comfortable space in the room, after all it is the room we spend most of our time in. So it should come as no surprise that the kids’ rooms should be decorated in utmost style and comfort too. But if you’re at a loss on what accessories to get, we’ve compiled a list of six products that will be sure to earn you the ‘Most Awesome Parent Award’ from your little ones!

#1 Play & Go Storage Bags

Let’s be real, toy storage is always an issue in your home when you’re a parent. So this storage bag that doubles up as a play mat is the perfect solution to prevent stepping on the LEGO pieces (we know how much they hurt) and other toys after playtime. They are available in 16 different designs, so you can choose the one that’s most appealing to your child (or you)! 
Price: $65.90
Available at: Deer Industries

Play and Go Storage Bag Lifestyle

#2 Mr. Bear Storage Stool

Another dual purpose product on this list – these storage boxes double up as a handy place for your child to sit wherever your kids may choose to play. Available in two adorable designs, the little ones will always want to have this box nearby during playtime. 
Price: $115
Available at: Piccolo House

Mr Bear Storage Stool Lifestyle

#3 Striped Children Teepee Play Tent

Create a secret hideout for your little ones with this teepee play tent and watch as their imaginations come to live. Perfect for re-creating their own version of Pocahontas or pretending that they’re camping out in the wilderness, this play tent will take playtime to a whole new level. 
Price: $255
Available at: Naiise

Naiise Striped Teepee Play Tent

#4 doob’s Platoopat Bean Bags

With a double layered design that’s kid-safe, along with the use of better materials that results in a higher quality, and removable covers for easy cleaning; these doob bean bags are perfect for all those cuddling sessions with our kids. Oh, did we also mention that there’s free delivery? What’s not to love! 
Price: $269
Available at: doobDoob Bean Bag

Doob Bean Bag Lifestyle
Image credit: growingwiththetans

#5 Nanuk Lamp

This darling polar bear lamp features an adjustable brightness function, meaning you can now create the perfect ambiance for your child during any type of activity at all times of the day. Additionally, it uses an energy efficient LED light – there is no heat created so your kids can touch it and even cuddle it without any fear!
Price: $275
Available at: Monoyono

Nanuk Lamp Lifestyle

#6 Red Fire Engine Bookshelf

“Bee-do bee-do bee-do!” No, the minions are not invading the planet. Full disclosure though, your kids might go around the house screaming the phrase at the top of their lungs with this new addition. Aside from looking like a fire engine, this bookshelf is a great way to organize the collection of books your kid will amass through the years growing up.
Price: $299
Available at: Piccolo House

Red Fire Engine Bookshelve

Feature image credit: GLTC