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Dear dads, think breastfeeding is exclusively a mum thing? Just as you’ve been with your wife through the pregnancy journey, then all the more is your support needed to care for both mum and your newborn. 

Today marks the beginning of World Breastfeeding Week, so it’s just fitting for you to know how you can be of great help to your wife as she nourishes your baby. Here’s a list of what you can do:

Acquaint yourself with the needs of your baby 

The first few weeks of a child’s life are crucial for forming a bond with her parents. While your wife establishes a breastfeeding routine, observe your child and take notes of her needs. After breastfeeding, you may want to carry your child to establish physical contact, allowing your little one to get used to your presence too. You can also offer to burp the baby after feeding. 

Know what your wife needs

During this time, your wife will most likely be more conscious of your child’s needs than her own. This is the perfect time to support her. If she’s breastfeeding, make sure that she drinks water regularly and eats nutritious meals. Your can also offer her a back massage or a foot rub if she needs to relax. These things may seem little but they matter too. The key is to read up, learn, and educate yourself about lactation, motherhood, or topics about having newborns so that you understand your wife’s situation and determine what support you can give.

Avoid stress-causing situations

Stress may affect breast milk supply in women. To help your wife tackle stress at home, offer to be the one to take care of major household chores while she’s recovering post-delivery and breastfeeding your baby. If you don’t have a confinement nanny, you can be the one to do the grocery shopping or prepare meals for the family if your schedule allows it. Look after the other kids too and remind them to behave to give mummy the rest she needs.

Take care of the breastfeeding equipment

Why don’t you be the one in charge of preparing the breastfeeding equipment, such as a breastfeeding pillow and a breast pump? This is one less thing for your wife to worry about and she will surely appreciate it.

Keep her company if you can

Your presence means a lot to your wife. While there will be times that she might want to do the breastfeeding alone, surely she’ll crave some company too to keep her entertained. Offer your time to your wife as a form of encouragement.

Celebrate motherhood

While it is rewarding, motherhood is not an easy job. From carrying a child to delivering and nursing your baby, the whole process can take its toll on her physically and emotionally. Surprise her once in a while with a little gift to remind her how much you appreciate her.

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