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Dealing With Pregnancy Backache

Back pain during pregnancy is common. When you’re pregnant, you gain around 8kg – 30kg of extra weight. Your spine has to support this, plus a growing foetus. No wonder it hurts. Learn what causes it, and more importantly how to deal with it.

What Causes Back Pain?

One cause of serious back pain could be hernia, which occurs when an organ pushes through an opening of a muscle or tissue (usually happens in the abdomen and groin area during pregnancy). Hot water bottles on the back may seem like a very simple solution, but these make a big difference. Medication for any pain, including back pain, should be discussed with your doctor, but simple painkillers are usually okay.

Can It Be Treated Naturally?

Regular massages are also helpful. Staying active is very important throughout pregnancy. The theory is if you maintain movement, you lessen the spasm in the back muscles that can cause quite severe pain. Walking and swimming are two achievable exercises that can be incorporated into your daily routine.

How To Minimise Ache

Good posture is so important. Strength in the lower back muscles will be a great asset as the growing baby shifts your centre of gravity forward. So try to stand straight and tall with shoulders back and relaxed and the knees unlocked.

Posture even matters when you’re asleep. It’s best to sleep on your side, with knees bent. Comfortable, supportive shoes are also crucial. Choose a low-heeled style with good arch support. And it’s never been more important that you lift things correctly as the pregnancy advances. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others.

Don’t forget, though, if the pain persists, always consult your obstetrician or your GP.