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It’s late at night, the kids are in bed, and both you and your spouse are feeling amorous. The timing couldn’t have been better, so into the bedroom you go… until the kids walk in on you in the middle of a passionate love-making session. Not only does it instantly kill the mood, it might even be an embarrassing moment for you and your child. Avoid that mistake with these fuss-free suggestions.

“Our kids are starting to catch on to what’s going on in the bedroom. But my husband and I have found creative places to sneak for sex even when they’re home. We will go to the bathroom if we have to!” – Tanya Lim, mother of three

  1. Lock Your Doors

    Let’s start with the obvious – lock your doors! Unless your child is old enough to reach for the keys, you will never worry about being interrupted again.

  2. Early Bedtime for Kiddos

    Pick a day of the week where you set an earlier-than-usual bedtime for your little ones. Simply plan a fun and active day for your kids so they’ll fall asleep the minute they’re in bed. The rest of the night now belongs to you and your spouse.

  3. Turn On the TV

    If you are feeling ruttish before the sun goes down, put on your child’s favourite movie and you’ll have them distracted for at least a good hour. While they are deeply involved in the story, that gives you enough time for a fun quickie.

  4. Shower Off

    Once you have gotten used to your child’s sleeping habit, try waking up slightly earlier and get it on in the showers with your spouse. It is exceptionally sexy and refreshing, and the sound of water masks the noises perfectly. What’s more, you’d be glad to know that sex in the morning can significantly improve your mood throughout the day, boost your immune system and enhance your skin, nails and hair.

  5. Get a Nanny

    Remember those romantic weekend getaways you had before baby came along? Get back into the sack by hiring a nanny or asking the grandparents for a favour as you head down to your favourite hotel. You don’t need to go away for the whole weekend, but just a night out will serve you well. Also, knowing that your child is being well taken care of will put your mind at ease to help you concentrate on pleasing your spouse better.

And if all else fails…grant your child a sleepover at his/her cousin’s or friend’s home on Friday night to give you and your spouse that desperately wanted alone time.