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Food splatters, spit-up marks, random spills – stained clothes pretty much come with the territory of having young children. That doesn’t mean mummies and daddies should stop dressing themselves (and the little one) up to avoid clothing casualties! Take anything your child throws your way (literally) with these handy on-the-go stain removal hacks. The best part? These items can be found right in your diaper bag!

Note: these tips are quick fixes to prevent stains from permanently setting and to help you continue on with your day. You’ll still have to work on these stains back at home, but your clothing should emerge good as new.

Hand Sanitiser


An item most parents wouldn’t dream of living the house without, hand sanitiser is especially helpful when it comes to keeping your hands clean before and after diaper changes, or with young children who love putting their hands in their mouth. And it doubles up as an effective stain removal solution as hand sanitisers contain high levels of alcohol that acts as a powerful solvent and degreasing agent. Hand sanitiser works on most stains – ink, sauces, makeup… the list goes on.

How to remove oil-based stains:

From improperly capped pens and markers to diaper cream ‘accidentally’ landing on the nearest article of clothing, all it takes to remove unsightly stains is some good ol’ hand sanitiser. Simply squirt some hand sanitiser onto the stain and let it soak in for 10 minutes before washing it out carefully with warm water. FYI, use only colourless hand sanitiser as rubbing in coloured solution will leave a stain of its own.

How to remove blood stains:

Scrapped knees and elbows might be the norm for parents of active (or clumsy) children, but how do you deal with bloodied up clothing while on the go? After fixing up your kid with a bandaid, grab a cotton cloth and absorb as much of the blood as you can. Then, apply hand sanitiser and let it soak through the stain. After that’s done, turn the cloth around and flush any remnants out with cold water. Don’t use warm or hot water as the temperature will set the stain further.

Alternatively, you can also use spit to get small blood stains out. It may seem gross but saliva contains enzymes that will break down the proteins in blood (and thus the stain). The spit has to come from whoever’s blood it was, so grab your kid so have them wet a piece of tissue and rub the stain out from there.

Baby Wipes


A mainstay in any diaper bag, baby wipes are a lifesaver when it comes to cleaning dirty bottoms, wiping down sticky fingers or freshening up sweaty babies. And you can easily put these wipes to use on a wide variety stains; baby drool or even spit-up, coffee and other oil stains. While it works best on cotton materials, you can even use it to clean precious white sneakers.

How to remove spit up:
It’s simple: in a dabbing motion, gently blot the stain till it lifts off your clothes. If the stain isn’t entirely gone, wash the affected area from the back and rub it out with hand soap, then repeat with the wipes.

How to remove coffee stains:

Blotting at the coffee stain should help significantly especially if it’s a fresh stain. But if it discolouration isn’t going away, try sprinkling a pinch of salt around the affected area (artificial sweetener works well too) and allow it to dry before rubbing it away. Follow up with a fresh baby wipe and your clothing should be as good as new. 

Featured image credit: Jelleke Vanooteghem/Unsplash

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