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Easy Guide To Primary One Internet System (P1-IS) Online Registration

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The Primary 1 Registration Exercise 2018 is just around the corner. For first-time parents whose child is only eligible for Phase 2C and Phase 2C Supplementary, you’ll be able to register online instead of having to head down to the primary school of your choice.

Of course, parents who do not wish to use this alternate channel can still head down to the school for registration. Here’s an easy guide to help you navigate the system.

Online Registration Eligibility and Requirements

Parents will be able to register online if they meet the following requirements:

  • Your child is eligible for registration in Phase 2C or 2C Supplementary
  • Your child’s birth is registered in Singapore and the child holds a Singapore-issued Birth Certificate
  • Both parents have valid SingPass with 2FA setup
  • Both parents are Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents at the time of your child’s birth

Additionally, single parents may register online via P1-IS if:

  • Only that parent’s particulars are reflected in the child’s Birth Certificate


  • One parent is deceased

Registration window 

You can login to the Primary One Internet System (P1-IS) from:

 Phase 2C

From 30 July 2018 (Monday), 9.00am to 1 August 2018 (Wednesday), 4.30pm.

Phase 2C Supplementary

From 13 August 2018 (Monday), 9.00am to 14 August 2018 (Tuesday), 4.30pm.

The P1-IS is accessible 24 hours during this window. Click here for a step-by-step guide.

Unless you are a single parent, both parents will have to log in with Singpass on P1-IS to submit and verify the registration.

You will not be able to amend your school of choice once you have submitted your registration online. To re-register for another school, you have to withdraw your earlier submission in P1-IS and approach the school you wish to re-register with the documents required for registration.

Note: The address reflected in the P1-IS is the official residential address on both parents’ NRIC as at 31 May 2018. If the address in the P1-IS is different from that currently on your NRIC, please approach your school of choice with the required documents to register your child.

Results notification

Parents will receive notification of the registration outcome on the date of result announcement via SMS and post. Should you not receive your registration outcome by the end of result announcement day, you could contact the school directly the next working day to check on the results.

For Overseas Singaporeans who use the Primary One Internet System (P1-IS), parents need to check with the school or MOE, on the date of the result announcement for that phase, to find out whether their child is successful in securing a place in the school.

Parents who have provided a valid Singapore mobile number during online registration will also be informed of their registration outcome via SMS on the date of result announcement.

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