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Easy Recess Recipes for Kids

Food from the school canteen can be yummy and cheap, but if you want to ensure your child eats healthy and gets the nutrients he needs, home-cooked or home prepared food is still the way to go. You might face resistance at first from your child since everyone else is eating food from the canteen (and he misses out on the experience of queueing up with friends and paying for his food) but if you make his food interesting, then it’s the other kids who will be complaining about their food! Here are some suggestions we have for you!

Adorable little bento boxes

We love the work that Little Miss Bento has done and we’re pretty sure your child will be super enthusiastic about their food if you can pull off the recipes, which are all quite simple! We’ve shared the Bear Sushi Rolls recipe by Little Miss Bento before and it’s still one of our favourite recipes ever! It’s easy to make and is not time-consuming, and is so cute your child will love showing off his food in school! 

Wrap and roll

Wraps are great for lunches because you can fill them up with whatever you want to! Sneaking in veggies will be easy, if you also include yummy beef or chicken pieces to distract your kids. Make sure to include colourful fruits in the lunchbox for a balanced diet. You could also make snack wraps with fruits in them!

Something fancy

These look so yummy we don’t mind adding it into our own lunch boxes. These ham, eggs and cheese cups are baked to perfection and would be great in your kids’ lunchbox, as long as you add some fruits and maybe a simple salad in the box to ensure your child gets more nutrients. Remember, the more colourful his lunchbox is, the healthier the meal is likely to be. 

What are some of your own recess meal ideas? Share them with other parents here!