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Add some handmade CNY festivity to your home and engage your little one with these fun yet easy Year of the Dog-themed DIYs!

#1 Origami Dog Greeting Card

Source: plantravelinspire.com

Materials needed:

  • Red construction paper (A5 size)
  • Square origami paper
  • Glue
  • Colour markers
  • Metal twist tie (optional)


  • Fold the origami dog as instructed
  • Glue the finished origami onto red construction paper
  • Write New Year greetings onto the card


  • Cut red circles out and punch tiny holes on either end of the circle 
  • Write your new year greeting out on each circle 
  • String each circle on and secure down with tape 

A modern take on New Year decorations, these origami dog greeting cards are easy enough for even toddlers to create. Take the opportunity to share stories about Chinese New Year and how the Zodiac was created!

#2 DIY Year of the Dog Red Packets

Source: Pinterest

Materials needed:

  • Blank red packets
  • Markers

Red packet designs are getting increasingly fanciful each year, but what better way to convey your family’s well wishes than to have them customised by your little one? Plus, this super easy project will help improve your child’s mandarin skills and hone their creativity while at it – simply purchase blank red packets and draw away!

#3 DIY Year of the Dog Good Luck Characters

Source: Pinterest

Materials needed:

  • Red construction paper (cut into squares)
  • Markers
  • Tape

Adorning the house with auspicious decorations such as good luck characters and spring couplets is common practice. But instead of store bought decorations, how about adding a personal touch? Similar to the DIY red packets we recommended above, these Year of the Dog good luck characters will allow your little one to learn many festive greetings, all in time for CNY! 

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