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Keeping the house mess-free is tough, especially with kids around. Even the most experienced parents struggle with it daily! To help ease your burden, here are six handy steps to successfully declutter your child’s room. Happy cleaning!

1. Start with the easy stuff

At first glance, the task of fixing the mess in junior’s room may seem overwhelming (so much that you’d rather put it off and watch TV instead). But although the monstrous stack of dirty laundry and worn out knick knacks seem insurmountable, the trick is to start small. Deciding the fate of things like broken toys, yellowing books and outgrown clothing is a no brainer – just toss them out! Before you know it, you’d have successfully kick-started the cleaning process, getting you in the zone to tackle the more complicated items.

2. Sort items into three separate piles

Now before you dive into the big stuff, make room for three large piles on your kid’s bedroom floor: ‘To Keep’, ‘To Donate’ and ‘To Throw’. Because when it all comes down to it, these are really the only categories that your little one’s possessions will fall into. By narrowing down your options, you’ll be forced to be objective and efficient in your organising.

3. Ask yourself: “Do we really need this?”

Yes, it’s easy to fall into the trap of justifying or making excuses for every single piece of trash in your child’s room. But don’t get too sentimental – this will only snowball into a bigger mess in the future! One way to prevent emotions from clouding your judgement, would be to simply grab a random object, hold up and ask your kid: “Have you touched this in the last year?” or “Do you even use this anymore?” Then tell your kid that they can only answer with a quick-fire “Yes” or “No”. If their instinct is to say no, then the item in question immediately goes into the trash pile. Incorporating this little Q&A game will also lighten up the mood, making decluttering less of a chore whilst speeding up the decision-making process.

4. Store items vertically

One of the downsides to living in Singapore? The limited living space. But since that’s out of your control, the best you can do would be to maximise every single square feet available to you! To make the most of your child’s bedroom, invest in some taller cabinets or shelves that can fit snugly into corners or along the walls, hence creating a larger area for junior to move about freely. Trust us, you’d be surprised at how much bigger the room will look!

5. Label your containers

To help your little angel get familiar with the new arrangement of things, craft quirky labels (e.g. “TOYS”, “BOOKS” and “GAMES”) and stick them on the respective storage boxes. If you want to make things more interesting, print out cartoon images or graphics to accompany each label. By associating the act of packing with their favourite animation, your kid will be more enthusiastic about taking part in the decluttering, especially if they get the chance to pick which picture goes where themselves!

6. Get your kid involved

Believe it or not, decluttering can also be a great family bonding activity. Not only does it require you to get involved in your kid’s life, it also helps you understand them a lot better. For instance, you can find out which painting they did in school is their favourite, and then have it framed and hung on the walls, instead of just strewn around the room. Of course, you might have to reign them in as well, should they insist on clinging on to things they’ve clearly outgrown or haven’t touched in years. When this occurs, take the chance to reason with them, and explain the need to make space for more important things. 

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