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Photo credit: Richard Termine

Everybody’s favourite furry red monster Elmo recently came to Singapore as part of the year-long #ShareTheLaughter campaign, which aims to spread the messages of altruism and kindness around the world. Check out what Elmo had to say when we had the chance of speaking to him recently!

Photo credit: Zach Hyman

Photo credit: Zach Hyman

Why do you think we should be kind? 

Elmo: When you’re kind to someone, it makes them feel good.  But it makes you feel good, too.

What is your favourite act of kindness? 

Elmo: Elmo loves to make his friends laugh by telling jokes like this one: What did one pencil say to the other? You look sharp!  Hahaha.

What is a simple kind act that we can all do every day? 

Elmo: Being kind is easy.  You can say “please” and “thank you.”  You can draw a picture for someone when they’re sad.  You can also be kind to pets by playing with them or giving them a treat.  You can even be kind to your neighbourhood by putting trash in the garbage cans.

How do you thank someone who has done something kind for you?

This morning, Elmo’s mom made breakfast for Elmo, and Elmo thanked her with a big hug.

Spreading kindness is easy! Show your gratitude to people you meet with every day, such as friends, teachers, and even the environment – always remember to #ShareTheLaughter!

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