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The season of joy, giving and fun is truly upon us. But as you’re indulging in festive gatherings with loved ones and friends, don’t forget the little ones who might get bored while the adults are catching up. Ahead, we share four Christmas-themed indoor activities to keep the kiddos entertained all night long.

#1 Customised Christmas treat jars 

Christmas Treat Jars
Via Crazy Little Projects

Keep little hands busy on this no-fuss craft project with a Christmasy twist. All you’ll need to prepare are empty mason jars, decorative material like glitter, googly eyes, ribbon and colour paper, craft glue and festive candy to fill up the treat jar after the kiddos are done. The children will have so much fun creating their own Christmas friends, and they’ll have a cool souvenir too. 

#2 Mini carnival game

PokeATree Christmas Game
Via Fun365

Christmas decoration, party game and gift holding spot rolled into one, this ‘Poke-A-Tree’ idea doubles up as entertainment for guests of all ages – and a fun project for parents and their little elves. Simply assemble the tree with coloured tissue paper, plastic cups and white cardboard (don’t forget to place your party favours into each cup before sealing it up), and watch as your guests take turns to unravel the surprises within.

#3 Go bowling with adorable snowmen

Snowman Bowling
Via From ABCs to ACTs

Easily fashioned out of old toilet rolls, these adorable snowmen bowling pins will keep your little guests entertained for hours. You can even prepare mini prizes for the children who knock down the most pins.

#4 Bond over Bingo

Christmas Activity Bingo
Via Fun-Squared

Download these Christmas Bingo templates for a full night of entertainment with your loved ones. These are good for a group of eight, but you can either customise your own for bigger groups or split up into teams. Then, appoint a game master who picks and calls out each picture – the first one who completes a row on their Bingo card wins! To make it extra fun, prepare prizes and ‘punishments’ for the person or team with the least Bingo scores. 

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