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Expect Warmer Days In The Next Two Weeks of March: NEA

Feeling extra warm these days? You’re not the only one. According to a report by the National Environment Agency (NEA), the next two weeks is expected to be drier and warmer than that experienced in the first fortnight of March. During this period, the daily maximum temperatures are expected to range between 33°C and 34°C, and could reach a high of around 36°C on a few days.

The warmer conditions are due to the continuing influence of the El Nino and the presence of a dry and warm air mass over the region. The occurrence of the equinox is another contributing factor to the warm temperatures during this time of the year.

Despite the drier conditions, short-duration thundery showers in the afternoon on 4 to 6 days can still be expected over parts of Singapore, due to strong solar heating of land areas and convergence of winds in the surrounding vicinity.

With this said, it is important to keep you and your family well hydrated in these drier days. If you’re not one to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, here are five reasons why  should make it a habit for you and your family to drink up.

  1. It Clears Your Mind
    Mild dehydration can affect your mood and cause fatigue – the first sign of dehydration, which can even impair your attention span, memory and motor skills. Are you struggling to concentrate on the next business proposal while juggling parenting duties? Drink up to stay refreshed, hydrated and focused!
  2. It Helps Your Kidneys
    Our kidneys help us cleanse and get rid of toxins in our body. An example would be the main toxin that can be found in our body – blood urea nitrogen. It is a water-soluble waste that passes through our kidneys to be excreted. So, as your kidneys do their job, lend a helping hand by drinking plenty of water.
  3. It Protects Your Heart
    Coronary heart disease is said to be related to your water intake; the more you drink, the less likely you will suffer from coronary heart disease. Dehydration tend to increase blood viscosity, plasma viscosity and blood fibrinogen levels all tend to elevate the risk of coronary heart diseases.
  4. It Aids Bowel Function
    Adequate hydration is needed to keep things flowing along your gastrointestinal tract and prevent constipation. This is because when your body is lacking the necessary fluids, your colon will absorb water from your stools instead, which will result in constipation.
  5. It Controls the Calories
    If you are looking at losing a pound or two, here’s a tip for you: hydrate! One of the best weight loss strategy is to make sure you drink lots of water. Studies have found out that when one drinks water before a meal, you will lose weight faster. Of course there is no magical effect. But by substituting high calorie drinks with water and making yourself feel full before tucking into a meal,
    you are bound to lose weight faster. Besides, it can boost your metabolism too!

How do you keep up with Singapore’s humidity? Share with us your comments below.