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While making new year’s resolutions might seem like a solo affair, try something new this 2018 by setting resolutions the entire family can strive towards together. Ahead, we share a list of achievable resolutions worth keeping as you step into the new year – little ones included!

  1. Have frequent family meals

    With clashing schedules, work demands and other distractions weighing on everyone’s plates, sitting down for a family meal may seem more daunting than it’s worth. This 2018, make family time a priority – especially family dinners – where everyone can catch up over a meal after a long day. This applies to family time with the grandparents and extended family too; it may take more work getting the entire clan together frequently, but the bonding that results is invaluable.

  2. Start exercising together

    If you’ve been having trouble keeping up yearly fitness resolutions, try getting out of your sedentary lifestyle rut by getting your family to participate as well. Think signing up for family-friendly fun runs, going on family bike rides or even heading on weekly hikes to explore the local terrain – you’ll be able to keep up an active profile while kickstarting healthy exercise habits for the kids, and have fun while doing so. It’s a win-win situation!

  3. Do volunteer work

    Instilling core values such as kindness, empathy and respect only comes through firsthand experience. Help your children gain a little more perspective this year by volunteering as family at a local charity. Be it connecting with elderly in need, leading fundraising activities or helping out at a local animal shelter, the lessons gained from extending a helping hand will go beyond anything the children will learn in a classroom.

  4. Go green!

    Take small steps to become an eco-friendly family: set up home recycling bins to teach children about recycling, avoid food wastage by making sure all meals are completely finished, instil good water usage habits around the house, avoid using air conditioning, encourage your kids to bring a reusable water bottle when headed out… the list is endless. And set a proper example by following through so that your kids will be inspired to do the same.

  5. Put away the screens

    Where family time is concerned, 2018 should be about disconnecting to connect. This means all phones, tablets, laptops and other devices should be put away, especially during mealtimes. The rule applies to both children and parents as well, so fill up your time together with other meaningful activities.

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