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Father's Day 2017 Special: Daddy On Duty #2

As part of our Father’s Day special this year, we’re taking a look at three inspiring modern dads who have gone above and beyond to be a huge part of their children’s growing years. Check out what our second “dad-of-the-hour” Edmund Tay (father of three) had to say about how he balances the world of technology and fatherhood.

If you enjoy reading parenting blogs, you should be familiar with Edmund from ED Unloaded. But what you may not know is that apart from blogging, Edmund also handles a full-time job and does his best to practice work flexibility on a daily basis. 

When asked how he manages to juggle his time between his full-time job, blog and family, he says, “I make a conscious decision to order the things in my life. My top priority is my family, followed by my job and then my blog. Therefore, if there is a clash of priorities, I must be willing to sacrifice some things in order to make the right investment for my life.”

Q: How has being a daddy blogger improved your parenting skills?

I think that being a Parenting Blogger has made me more aware of cyber issues. As we spend much of our time online, we are aware of the negative effects of technology and we try to make a conscious effort to restrict technology usage in our home. I guess our main focus is more on getting the kids outdoors, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Q: We understand that you believe in having work flexibility. How has that helped you and your family?

With three children in the house and varying schedules, something unexpected is sure to crop up. Be it a sick child or an last minute school outing, work flexibility is important. With an understanding employer, my flexible schedule has allowed me to look after the kids when they are sick, and given us as parents peace of mind.

Q: How do you incorporate the use of technology into your parenting?

Technology has brought with it many interesting and interactive games that can add value to the education process. Besides helping the kids learn their ABCs and improve their reflexes, they also use technology as their online dictionary. For example, whenever they learn something new such as volcanos, they can watch eruptions in action, providing them with an instant learning experience.

Originally published in “Daddy on Duty”, written by Shaistah Munawar for Singapore’s Child September 2015.

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