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As part of our Father’s Day special this year, we’re taking a look at three inspiring modern dads who have gone above and beyond to be a huge part of their children’s growing years. Check out what our third “dad-of-the-hour” Winston Ng (father of two) had to say about how the birth of this two girls gave him the motivation to restart his active lifestyle.

When we first met Winston, we were blown away by his bubbly and friendly nature. It is so inspiring to think that someone who has been through so much in life is always smiling and oozing positivity. Back in 2002, Winston met with a car accident that required him to get an operation done on his right knee. For the following three years, his life went into a tailspin as he could not bend his knee much. However, in 2006, when he found out that his wife was expecting their daughter, he knew it was time for a change.

“I decided to do something about my sedentary lifestyle. I started out on a 15-20 minute walk daily, progressing to an hour-long in the same month. As my right knee started to show improvements and I could flex it more, I decided to incorporate some running-walking ratio into the regime. I will never forget the night in the third week of running; I went out for a supposedly 10km run but ended with a 21km instead,” expresses Winston.

To date, the determined soul has taken part in the ASICS Beat the Sun as well as the Standard Chartered Marathon. “As a full time house daddy, it was impossible, financially and logistically, to realise this dream of mine – that one day I will be running on the beautiful Mont Blanc. Thus, when the opportunity came, I quickly put myself forward without any hesitation. I have no regrets.” 

Q: Share with us how your journey as a stay-at-home-dad has been.

I’m a full time house daddy with two lovely school going girls – Nicolle and Naomi. From their very first step to their very first word, I’ve watched them grow every day and I was always there to witness priceless moments. But the greatest reward/lesson that I have gained and learnt from them is forgiveness – something I didn’t have when I was single. Imagine how seconds after scolding/punishing them for misbehaving, they still come running over to hug me and tell me that they love me!

Q: What has been your biggest sacrifice as a parent and why was it worth it to give it away?

I think the biggest sacrifice will have to be my (lack of) social life. I don’t have the luxury of time to spend hanging out with my friends and making plans as and when anymore. My wife and kids are my priority; anything is worth giving up for my family!

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