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Fix The Flu, Quick

Christmas is coming and everyone is in a jolly, merry mood – but you. Your nose is a leaky tap, your throat feels like sandpaper, or there’s an elephant stomping in your head. Well, don’t just use these as excuses to skip the party. (unless you’re too sick to stand up). Try these suggestions to feel better instead:

  1. Accept Help

    Look, it’s Christmas. No one’s busy working and everyone’s in a gifting mood. If you’re anxious about that dinner party tonight, ask a close relative (like Mum) if she could take the kids for a few hours while you clean and cook. Or, send Junior off on a playdate at the neighbour’s house.

  2. Take A Long Afternoon Nap

    This confirms the common sense that having more sleep can help your body fight infections. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania  found that people who experienced more sleep after an infection will get better. So ask your spouse if he can take the kids out for a movie (There’s Sing, Ballerina and Rogue One are showing at the movies!) or out for a nice lunch so you can take a nap without any interruptions.

  3. Choose Simple Dinner Options

    This isn’t the time to try new recipes or cater to fussy eaters with separate meals. Get back to basics and offer porridge or even instant noodles for lunch. After all, there’s plenty to eat over Christmas so one simple meal wouldn’t hurt.

  4. Take Vitamin C

    You’ll need to boost your immunity more than ever so, 1-2 Redoxens and two Panadols should do it.

  5. Drink Lots Of Water

    Keep a bottle of water with you to sip on through the day, and top up with herbal teas when you feel like something different. Dehydration can cause headaches, stomach pains and irritability, which is the last thing you need right now.

  6. Eat Well

    When we are sick we often crave comfort foods we think will make us feel better. These tend to be things like chips or pizza. But what you need now is nourishing food to give you sustained energy, not greasy food that will leave you feeling tired or bloated later.

  7. Get Out

    You might be thinking “great, now I have the best excuse to miss the party”, but don’t. If you’re well enough, go outside and get some fresh air. A walk around the block or taking the kids to the playground to soak in some sunlight can give you an energy boost.