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While every child picks up reading at different ages, there are a few things parents can do to benefit their little one’s literacy journey.  Ahead, we share four essential things to know from the stages of your child’s infancy, to when they start showing signs of being ready to read.

Good reading habits start early

Kick start your child’s reading habits by reading to your little one a couple times a day, and progress to lengthier reading sessions as a family for at least 20 minutes each day. Not only does it help instil a healthy love for reading that can increasing reading success in later years, it’s also a great bonding activity for parents and newborns!  

Be a good example

Make sure to lead by example. As your child’s biggest role model, seeing his parents pick up a book – even for a couple of minutes a day – can spur him into nurturing a good reading habit.

Ask plenty of questions

Teaching your child how to sound out various words is important, but don’t neglect their reading comprehension in the process. As your child grows older (around two to three years of age), start asking him questions to help him understand the contents of what he’s beginning to read. Parents can also help their child expand his vocabulary even as a baby, by asking questions like, “Is the lion here?” and encouraging the responses accordingly.


Don’t rush them into reading

Forget buying flashcards or drilling your kid about the alphabet – allow your child to grow their interest by learning through their environment. There’s plenty to pick up. Ultimately, your goal is to foster a lifelong love for reading, not a child that doesn’t gain any real meaning or significance from what they’re reading.

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