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Fun Halloween Craft Ideas

Photo credit: Julia Raasch on Unsplash

It is the Halloween season and we are creepin’ it real. It is not only the time to put on your spookiest outfit, you can also spruce up your home by attempting these Halloween crafts. They are all child-friendly and absolutely fun to make. You can hang them up as temporary décor and some of them are so adorable, they could stay on till the end of the year. Here are five quick and easy craft ideas to bring the eerie season to a whole new level.

Black Cat Décor

This décor is easy to D-I-Y and it is perfect to put around your house for that extra spooky effect. It does not require many materials – just coloured paper, a scissors and a tube of glue. We are paw-sitive this will make Halloween a lot more meow-nificent!

Paper Pumpkin

Cannot bear to draw on ‘em pumpkins or just think it might go to waste? With this paper pumpkin tutorial, you will never have to think about how you are going to finish all that pumpkin in the next week. It is very simple and safe, and your little one will have a great time working his hands on this handiwork.  

Bat Away

You can paste these bats on the walls or hang them on the ceiling. These are so cute it would be perfect as bookmarks when you are done with Halloween. Fang-tastic!

Itsy Bitsy Spider

A physical remake of the all-time-favourite children’s rhyme, this is one craftwork your child can relate to very much. Hang it on your front door to greet anyone who dares to step near it. But honestly, those beady eyes are too cute to resist!

Ghost Garland

Working the tricks of origami craft, this ghost garland is such a pretty addition to the room. Your child may be amazed at how this works, so meanwhile, it is a good time to explain to him about the magic of origami.

Paper Roll Craft

Using recycled materials such as unwanted toilet rolls to decoration for Halloween, what you need is some non-toxic paint and creativity. Explore painting different characters like: the Hulk, Dracula and black cats. And of course, put these little cute ornaments around your home to amp up the Halloween vibes!

Halloween Eyeball Treats

These are the perfect cases to hold all your child’s trick-or-treat candies. Little eyeball cases like these are sure to make the candies look more spooky than they actually are, adding the fun factor to the Halloween tradition. Who’s having eyeballs for tonight?

Hanging Ghosts

If you have extra space at home, or a balcony even, these will scare anyone that walks into your house. Made up of balloons, a translucent cloth, glow sticks, black permanent marker and strings, you get this really scary house décor and your house is sure to look very creepy. Remember to turn off the lights so the glow sticks can work!

5 Easy DIY Craft Ideas For Kids To Try Out
5 Adorable Craft Ideas For The Kids

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