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Fun Music Classes For Toddlers In Singapore

On the lookout for music classes for your little one? We’ve got the lowdown on fun age- and skill-appropriate music classes that toddler and parents will enjoy. 

#1 Cristofori

Sign your 20-month toddler up at Cristofori’s Pre-school music academia. In a 60-minute lesson, your child can have fun playing their favourite instruments with other children in the group, developing social skills and concentration at the same time. There are four levels catering to your child’s learning pace, starting with the little ones learning to listen and respond to music, before gradually expressing music with their bodies through singing and music activities. Slowly, they advance to performing with their newfound instruments and create music according to the beat, style and composition. At the end, your child will even achieve a certificate after evaluation by the London College of Music!

Visit Cristofori’s website for more information

#2 Yamaha

As one of the go-to music schools in Singapore, Yamaha provides a wide range of music classes for children of all ages. We’ve got our eye on the Yamaha Apple Course in particular, is a one-year course that allows parents to bond with their child through fun and exciting activities like interactive sing-alongs, musical storytelling and percussion jamming sessions. 

Visit Yamaha’s website for more information

#3 Staccato Music School

Want to start grooming your little Mozart or Beethoven? Staccato Music School is just for you! In Staccato’s Baby Bach 10-week program, your six month old musician-in-the-making will be engaged in visual exercises using music and movement. To introduce more learning variety, the music school assigns a theme to each semester – think Animal Carnival where your child learns to associate different animals with various movement and music, Dancing in Nature and Classic Remix Storytelling, where the littles get the chance to play instruments used in the Chinese Orchestra, and spicing up of popular story classics like Three Little Pigs when they associate the music with different characters. 

Visit Staccato Music School’s website for more information

#4 Musical Monkeys

Is your child constantly filled with energy? Sign them up for Musical Monkey’s music education classes for young kids under five years of age! Together with your child, participate in high-energy activities filled with music, dancing and even a little puppetry. You will also be invited to dress up with your precious one to celebrate special events and festivals with songs and stories. Your active little angel will definitely have the time of his life!

Visit Musical Monkeys for more information

#5 Our Music Studio

You’re never too young to start exploring the wondrous world of music! Our Music Studio offers Musical Babes, a stimulating music class catered specially for newborns as young as four months to 18-month-old babies! Bond with your child as he is stimulated through vocal play, instrument exploration and creative movement – you’ll have a chance to interact with fellow parents too! 

Visit Our Music Studio’s website for more information

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