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Gender Reveal Inspirations You’ll Love

The anticipation for your newborn grows with each passing day and everyone is excited to know: is it a boy or a girl? Turn the much-awaited announcement into a fun and memorable occasion with a gender reveal party!

Check out some gender reveal videos you can take inspiration from because parenthood is a series of exciting moments.

#1 A big family challenge

Want the whole family to be involved? Group them into two and hold a series of challenges—from rainbow rock to dancing competition—and you’re to give everyone quite a gender reveal memory to look back on.

#2 A popping party

Most baby celebrations are not complete without balloons. It’s a timeless decor and always does the trick for surprises. Invite friends and family and have them choose between two colours, one representing each gender. Fill a balloon with the colour that represents your baby’s gender powder. Then pop the balloon and level up the celebration!

#3 Biting into the surprise

Bake a cake and for the sponge, use a colour representing the gender of your baby. A second serving for those who got the answer right? Yes please!

#4 A Pinterest-worthy nook

Feeling artsy? Design a pasteboard with hexagons (or whatever shape you fancy). Write the gender at the back of one of the hexagons and pick each hexagon until the gender has been revealed.

#5 The eggciting moment

 Let’s crack some fun! Prepare one boiled and one raw egg and paint them with two colours of your choice to represent the genders. You and your partner can take turns in cracking the eggs. Whoever cracks the raw egg wins—and whatever the colour of that raw egg is your little one’s gender.

#6 A magical reveal

Relive your favourite Disney characters—such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse—and use them as props in revealing your baby’s gender. Place the character that represents your baby’s gender inside a box and ask people to vote and guess. Open the wrapped box to reveal the gender.

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