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You might spend a lot of time washing, cleaning, dusting and vacuuming your home to make sure it’s a safe haven for your children. But even in the cleanest home, it’s impossible to catch all the germs. Germs are microorganisms including bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause diseases. They are usually introduced into the main by people, food and pets. Your kids could pick up germs from their classmates at school, bring them home and pass it onto surfaces or their siblings through cross contamination.

While it is impossible to completely eradicate these microorganisms in your life (besides, a lot of these microbes are beneficial), you can control their spread. Know the three common hotbeds for germs, and focus your cleaning there:

  1. Electronics

    A lot of us are guilty of this: eating while watching the TV or even reading a news article from the laptop, leaving behind crumbs, food or oil stains on devices like the remote control or keypad.

    What you can do:
    Wipe your remote controls, keyboards, mouse, video game controllers with disinfecting wipes.

  2. Carpet And Floors

    The carpet is a wonderful place for germs to thrive due to an abundance of dead skin cells, food particles and pollen that get trapped within the fibres. Alarming, isn’t it – especially when your little ones love rolling about on the carpet or rug, and sometimes even fall asleep on it.

    What you can do:
    Vacuum weekly, and then use fabric sanitising products. You could also get your carpet cleaned by professionals. And mop your floors with anti-bacterial cleaners. 

  3. Bags

    Did you know that your bags contain millions of bacteria on its surface area alone as it is likely you bring it everywhere you go, even to the public bathroom. This is why it’s such a bad idea to place your handbag on your bed or kitchen counter – even if it’s a Chanel!

    What you can do:
    Wash your children’s school bag regularly, and wipe your bags with a sanitising spray. For precious leather bags, spray the surface with an anti-bacterial cleaner. 

This story was adapted from an original article “Fight Those Germs” (pg 57), by Hairin Rahman, published in the October issue of Singapore’s Child.