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Get Back In Shape After Baby - Fast

Some women who have just given birth expect to quickly slip back into their pre-pregnancy shape just like Aimee Chan or Blake Lively. But in reality, it’s harder than one thinks.

When you go through the nine-month long pregnancy journey, your body goes through a whole whirlwind of changes. And with a needy infant that requires round-the-clock attention, trying to get on with your exercise regime can seem like taking part in the Olympics. But don’t fret, here are some simple ways to get started.

Don’t Sit Around

Your mum, confinement nanny and grandma will probably tell you to go ahead and sit, sleep and do nothing. While it’s true that your pelvic floor will have sustained some soft tissue damage (possibly more if any trauma was involved) during delivery, sitting down all day will only weigh it down. The sensible advice would be to have rest, balanced meals and moderate exercise. This means light walking, standing up whenever possible, and taking an easy stroll with baby. That’s not too strenuous, right?


You get to burn more calories faster, and save money. By breastfeeding your baby, your body burns 500 – 800 calories a day – even if you’re just sitting around. The best bit: you get an excuse to consume an extra 500 calories a day – that’s an extra cheeseburger and small fries (sans salt) for reward!

Start At Six Weeks

Our local gynaes usually recommends resuming normal exercises six weeks after a normal delivery, and eight weeks following a C-section. Research has shown that exercise is a major factor in avoiding or improving postnatal depression, and that’s more reasons to start the regime.

When you’re ready to begin, consider weight lifting and squats. But before you start visualising sweaty gym workouts and bar bells, hold on. If your husband has a set of old dumbbells in the store room, that’s useful enough. Or else, hold baby to your chest and do lunches. Or, lock your stroller wheels and do squats with hands fast on the handle.