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We don’t give enough credit to the online mummies who bare their hearts out to the world – their strength in dealing with the haters is not the only thing that inspires us, it is also the baby fashion, their parenting tips and their work-life balance.

The best thing about YouTube is the vastly different personalities you find in one platform; every channel portrays a different mum from varying family dynamics and there is bound to be someone you can relate to. 

Andy Met Sonia

You probably remember Sonia from her covers on jayesslee with her sister, Janice – The twins have since moved onto a greater calling of motherhood. Sonia now keeps a new channel that documents her life as a mum, all her vlogs star her adorable children, Jordan and Levi.

Ellen Fisher

For the mums struggling with children who refuse to eat their greens, this channel has a few good tips you can trust. Ellen Fisher vlogs her life in a vegan family, taking you through recipes, exercise tips and a glimpse of what true island living is like.

Sprinkle of Glitter

Before this YouTuber mum found a new man, she dished the honest stories on dating and sex as a single mum – now she’s expecting again but has kept her honesty and candidness in sharing pregnancy woes. Louis also shares her DIY bonding activities with her 5-year-old daughter; a great source for creative inspiration.

This Gathered Nest

Angela is a mother of 7 – her big family consists of 2 daughters, 2 adopted boys, an adopted daughter with special needs and 1 month old twins. She and her husband speak openly of the adoption process, the financial burden and the struggles in nurturing all of their children. More importantly, she shares her family’s milestones and spreads hope while passionately advocating adoption. 

Dina Tokio

This fashion forward mama has a bright personality with stylish look books and great beauty advice. Once in a while she shares her opinion on the controversy surrounding the hijab and Muslims, you can also see that the life she portrays online has spread a lot of awareness.

Which other mummy/parenting channels do you follow? Share with us in the comments below!

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