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Get Rid Of Your CNY Food Baby With These Easy Home Workouts!

With the bulk of the CNY festivities out of the way, there’s no better time to whip yourself back into shape (and rid your bod of sinful CNY treats). For parents who don’t have time to hit the gym, check out these home workouts that you can pull off with your little one in tow.

#1 Kettle Bell Lift

A variety of weights are used here, but filled up water bottles would work in a pinch.

#2 Lower Body Workout

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Build up your lower body strength with mini bands that’ll tone up your glutes in no time – all the better for running after active kids with!

#3 Total Body Workout

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Who needs fancy gym equipment when you can simply grab a chair? Leg lifts, lunges, squats and push-ups can easily be done in the comforts of your own home.

#4 Exercise Ball Booty Circuit

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If post-pregnancy backaches are familiar to you, then strengthening your core muscles will definitely improve things. Instead of jumping into hardcore (no pun intended) abdominal exercises, build up your midsection with the help of an exercise ball.

#5 Baby Weights


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No weights? How about letting bubz stand in? Not only would it be great weight conditioning as you lift, plunge and do push-ups (while sneaking in kisses), it’s the perfect way to bond with your baby while getting exercise in!

#6 Agility Ladders


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Speed and agility ladders may seem more suitable for grownups, but this fit mum proves that it can turn into a fun blend of “hopscotch” too! Doing light drills will help to improve your child’s balance and coordination skills too.

#7 Burpees

A tough but versatile exercise, mix up your burpees with variations of moves – such as double leg kicks and half push-ups – to make things interesting.

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