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Kids have a different way of learning things. Some may learn faster while others may take a bit more time. As a parent, you will have to exert more effort if you want your child to develop faster. When it comes to learning how to talk, children may require encouragement and with the following tips, you may be able to fast track their speech development and avoid speech delays.

#1 Expose them to words through different means 

The key to teaching a child how to speak is to expose them to words as much as possible. There are different ways you can do it: by talking, reading books, singing, or reciting nursery rhymes. Familiarise your child with sounds and syllables as kids learn even better when they have someone they can emulate. 

#2 Repeat certain words until they’re able to get it

Are there words your child find amusing? Do they pay attention to you whenever you say something? Start with that and repeat those words over and over again until they get to say it on their own. 

#3 Match words with actions 

For a child to not just know how to say words but to understand its meaning too, associate it with certain actions. For example, if you’re about to serve food, say something like, “It’s time to eat,” and do this repeatedly. This way, your child is able to associate the act of eating with food. Same goes for “It’s bath time,” when you’re about to splash water to your little one during bath time.

#4 Let them play with other kids who can talk

Is there a cousin who can already talk or a playmate who can converse with your child? By interacting with other kids who are able to speak, your little one will be encouraged to imitate the sounds they’re making in a playful, more natural way.

#5 Use visuals as learning tools 

If you want your kid to learn how to identify and describe colours and shapes, use visual tools to clearly illustrate these concepts. If you want them to be able to pronounce the names of certain animals, it might be easier to have ready photos for reference. Pictures are a great way to make a child even more engaged in learning new things. With visual aids, you’re not just saying things but describing them as well.

#6 Turn it into play 

Teaching your child to talk doesn’t have to be through straightforward conversations all the time. Utilising games also help as it makes kids more engaged and learning becomes more interactive. For example, try using a toy telephone and pretend you’re someone. Once you’re done talking through the phone, ask them to do the same and answer back to you. Think of creative ways you can get your child to talk.

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