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You might be wondering why your toddler won’t listen to you. Are you doing something wrong? Are you being hard on her? Don’t blame it all on you as toddlers aren’t fully equipped yet to internalise everything that people tell them.

So end the frustration and get your child to stop the tantrums and listen better with these tips.

#1 Be simple and clear

Getting your toddler to do something requires full understanding. To help her comprehend your instructions, state your message clearly and briefly. Do not make things complicated for her so you can have her attention and get your little one to do what you want. If you can say it with a single word or a short sentence, do so.

#2 Get closer

Toddlers love attention and when they know you’re giving them your full attention, they’re more likely to listen to you. When saying something, try to go down your child’s level by kneeling or sitting on your bum, getting closer to her face and establishing eye contact. Say it with a compassionate voice and wait until she acknowledges what you just said.

#3 Do not use a threatening voice

Sometimes, yelling feels like your only option but it’s actually the least effective. Having kids to do something out of fear is not effective in the long run. Instead, form your kid’s habit of listening to you by staying calm whenever you talk to her and explaining the benefit she’ll get out of it.

#4 Reward or acknowledge their actions

When your toddler follows your instruction, praise her and let her know you appreciate her politeness. Rewarding kids with little tokens may also be effective as it encourages them to listen to you more. The key is to give your child the attention she needs and positive reinforcement is an effective way to do it. 

#5 Give them choices

Toddlers who don’t listen may want some form of control so give your child the freedom to choose. Instead of giving very limiting instructions, try providing several options. For example, don’t tell her to go to bed, period. Instead, ask her if she wants to hear a bedtime story first before she sleeps.

#6 Be a role model

As with all habits, kids look up to adults for examples. Do not expect your child to listen to you if you aren’t a good listener too. Listen to her when she has something to say and acknowledge her feelings. Avoid turning your back on her when she’s not done talking yet.

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