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10 Food Stalls To Visit At The Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019

Having always attracted large crowds due to its wide variety of colourful and delicious food, the Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 is back with about 500 stalls, which include both traditional and modern creative food offerings as well as lifestyle stalls. Happening till 5 June, we’ve catalogued a list of must-visit stalls to help you focus on enjoying your family time at the bazaar.

The letters in the stall numbers refer to the location of the stalls:

WGSA: Stalls along Wisma Geylang Serai
WGSB: Stalls outside Tanjong Katong Complex

#1 Markozar for Murtabak Manis (Indonesian sweet pancakes)


Photo credit: Markozar

Known for being one of the most popular pasar malam stall that sells murtabak manis (an Indonesian version of a thick pancake that is topped off with sweet offerings such as chocolate sprinkles, sweet condensed milk, and grated cheese), you simply can’t miss this sweet dessert at the bazaar! Children will definitely enjoy the best-selling Nutella Falls (S$6.50), which is a combination of butter, shredded murtabak cheese, Nutella chocolate, condensed milk, and topped with crushed peanuts.

Where to find this: Markozar

#2 Pebbles Belgium Specialty for Belgium Waffles


Photo credit: Pebbles Belgium Speciality

As an easy on-the-go snack, these honeycomb-shaped Belgium waffles are a sweet treat to indulge in as you take in the sights and sounds of the festivities happening around. Choose from three available flavours (Ryokucha, Mudrep, and WhiteCanvas, S$4.90 each) that have been paired with complementary icing and topping, resulting to a unique delight unlike any other. Don’t forget to get yourself a premium Iced Chocolate beverage (S$4.90) to go with your waffle!

Where to find this: Pebbles Belgium Specialty, WGSB 017

#3 Ramly Burger


It’s quite like a tradition to have a Ramly Burger at the Geylang Serai Bazaar. At just S$4, enjoy a delicious beef burger that is packed with tasty sauces and fried egg in between two soft buns.

Where to find this: WGSB 113 and 116

#4 Katoshka for Russet Fries with Sauces


Photo credit: Katoshka

This isn’t your average kind of fries. Katoshka serves up tubs of the beloved potato snack (S$6.90 each) paired with sauces in unique flavours such as special cheese, sour ranch, spicy arrabbiata, pepper mushroom, and spicy bolognese.

Where to find this: Katoshka, WGSB 018

#5 Bakes by NY for Stuffed Donuts


Photo credit: Bakes by NY

There’s no denying that donuts are absolute favourites among the young and old. As such, you and your family might just relish the delicious stuffed donuts from Bakes by NY. Lovingly prepared in four flavours—Nutella chocolate fudge, cream cheese, Nutella, and salted caramel cream cheese—these sweet treats are bound to satisfy everyone!

Sold in box of 2 (S$6), box of 3 (S$9), and box of 5 (S$15).

Where to find this: Bakes by NY, WGSB 033



Photo credit: Fooditude

It’s always fun to see the interesting food creations that vendors come up with in bazaars. One of the most hyped creation at this year’s Ramadan Bazaar is the genius combination of prata and waffle or as it is aptly called, Praffles. These yummy creations are available in sweet and savoury options that include the highly-recommended Chili Crab Praffles (S$15.90), drenched in mouthwatering signature homemade chili crab sauce!

Where to find this: PRAFFLES by Fooditude and Hirzi, WGSA G342

#7 Rainbow Works for Bubblegummie


Photo credit: Rainbow Works

Your little one is sure to love these colourful gradient drinks that are served in a bear-shaped bottle filled with gummy bears. While that may sound like too much sugar, bazaar-goers who’ve tried this first-in-Singapore concoction were pleasantly surprised that the drink was actually not too sweet.

Where to find this: Rainbow Works, WGSA G343

#8 Beef Bro for Flame-Grilled Beef Cubes


Photo credit: Beef Bro

Back by popular demand, Singapore’s first mentaiko blow-torched grilled beef cubes from Beef Bro is a tempting snack you shouldn’t miss. Kids will enjoy the the mild, child-friendly Truffle flavour (S$16.90) while mums and dads may opt for the spicy adult-only Mala flavour (S$14.90), which promises to deliver that extra kick!

Where to find this: Beef Bro, WGSA G306

#9 Take A Bite for Soft Serve Ice Cream


Photo credit: @shermianz

Nothing beats the heat than a nice, cool cup of soft serve ice cream. Take A Bite offers two special flavours, Brown Sugar Boba Soft Serve (S$6.90) and White Rabbit Candy Soft Serve (S$6), which are perfect to restore your energy as you continue to explore the huge bazaar.

Where to find this: Take A Bite, WGSB 019

#10 Sofnade for Meatballs in a Bucket


Photo credit: Sofnade

A familiar sight at carnivals and bazaars, this must-have Meatballs in a Bucket (S$10) is great for the family as it combines a generous mix of meatballs, twister fries, and mashed potato topped with cheese and cranberry sauce, with sweet and savoury flavours everyone will enjoy.

Where to find this: Sofnade, WGSB 130

Alongside the food and beverage available, there’s also fun activities for the whole family to enjoy, which includes Uncle Ringo amusement park rides, carnival games, and arcade claw machines. 

Date: 3 May to 5 June 2019
Time: 3pm to 12 midnight
Venue: 1 Geylang Serai, Singapore 402001
Admission is free, visit Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar 2019 for more information.

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