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The preschool years are crucial to a child’s development. During this stage, little ones are exposed to a structured environment that allows them to develop academic, social, and emotional skills. This builds a solid foundation that will help greatly in Primary school and beyond – in fact, experts believe that children who grow up in a literacy-rich environment are more cognitively developed and also better prepared for academic success in school.

Enter Little Green House, a preschool brand which employs a fusion of strong academic curriculum and creative enrichment to nurture children’s intellectual, social, physical and creative development. With a dedicated team of professional preschool teachers, Little Green House is able to effectively stimulate children with the basics of language and numbers, and actively develop their motor skills.


To help your child get a head start in Primary school, it is important to build a good foundation in writing, speaking and reading. Little Green House’s award-winning LITERACY SMART™ programme is a great place to start.

The Language Lab

How it works
Suitable for children aged 18 months to six years old, the programme is designed to hone basic, intermediate and advanced literacy skills in pre-schoolers. Its comprehensive curriculum framework extends from school to home, ensuring a gradual and sustained development of the child into a literacy smart child. The little ones are immersed in a literacy-rich environment and exposed to purposeful activities that encourage self-directed learning, such as class discussions on current affairs, and fun quizzes and games. In addition, each of the eight Little Green House centres is furnished with age-appropriate reading materials, audio books and visual aids. Between lessons and play activities, teachers also conduct storytelling sessions, book sharing and reviews to encourage children to share what they’ve read and learned.


Voted “Best Literacy Programme” in 2017, Little Green House’s LITERACY SMART™ programme enables teachers to identify individual learning needs through curated activities to moderate each activity to each child’s pace of learning. Thus, even book shy children will be nurtured into fluent readers, strong writers and confident speakers.

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